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In order to modernize the planning, improve housing or other operational characteristics, the owners of the premises resort to reconstruction. In contrast to major repairs or redevelopment, reconstruction may involve the destruction of retaining walls, the transfer of risers and the like. And this carries the risk of accidents.

Reconstruction of premises is carried out only on the basis of permits and approvals with the relevant authorities. Spontaneous reconstruction, in addition to the risk of an emergency, causes the owner to lose the full range of powers in relation to this real estate. In particular, the owner loses the opportunity to sell, exchange or otherwise re-register such real estate for a new owner without hindrance.

If you want to carry out the reconstruction, it is equally important to find good specialists to perform the construction work directly, and to ensure the proper design of the entire package of necessary documents to legitimize the reconstruction. And the specialists of Prikhodko&Partners will help to cope with this task. We are ready to take with you all the steps to complete the reconstruction of the premises, including re-registration of ownership of the reconstructed real estate in the State Register of Real Property Rights.

Algorithm of implementation and legalization of reconstruction

  • Carrying out by the professional architect of technical inspection of the real estate object, and definition of possibility or impossibility of reconstruction which was planned by the owner.
  • Development by the architect of design documents according to requirements of the legislation.
  • If necessary – conducting an examination of the project (for example – in the case of reconstruction of housing in an apartment building).
  • Concluding agreements with certified specialists for author’s and technical supervision.
  • Registration of the notice on the beginning of construction works through administrative services center or a portal of the state. “Action” services.
  • Carrying out direct construction works according to the project.
  • Implementation of technical inventory and production of a new technical passport.
  • Commissioning by submitting a declaration of readiness of the facility for operation, which after inspection is registered by the GASK body (for facilities with consequence class CC1) – through the administrative services center or the state portal. “Action” services.
  • Registration of ownership of the reconstructed object in the State. register of real rights to immovable property.

The state has certain features. registration of ownership of the reconstructed real estate object, which was in joint ownership before the reconstruction.

In such circumstances, the state. registrar in addition to the standard package of documentation:

  • a document certifying the ownership of the object before reconstruction;
  • a document confirming commissioning;
  • technical passport;

you must submit a written application or agreement of co-owners on the distribution of shares in joint ownership of the reconstructed object.

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