Postponement of the mobilization of 3 children

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Postponement of the mobilization of 3 children

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Deferral from mobilization for parents who have three minor children to support: what does the law provide?

Ukrainian legislation provides for some benefits for parents who have three or more children, regarding the postponement of conscription for military service or mobilization. This postponement is an important mechanism to ensure balanced upbringing of children and support of family values, as well as taking into account the needs of society in supporting families with children.

According to Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mobilization Training and Mobilization", parents who have three or more children have the right to postpone conscription for military service or mobilization. This deferment can be granted if the youngest child reaches the age limit for military service.


In order to receive a deferment, parents must submit an application to the Territorial center of procurement and social support (Military Committee) together with the necessary documents confirming their marital status and the number of children. Such documents may include birth certificates or documents confirming adoption or guardianship.

It is important to note that deferment from mobilization is granted only if there is confirmation that the registered age of the youngest child has not yet reached the age limit, i.e. 18 years for conscription. At the same time, if after submitting the application, the circumstances of the family have changed and the appropriate age has been reached, the parents will have to inform the TCC and SP (military commissariat) about this in order to avoid violations of the law.

The legislation, which provides a deferment from mobilization for parents of three children, recognizes the importance of the role of the family in society and ensures the support of this institution by protecting family rights and interests.

It is also important to note that deferment from mobilization not only contributes to stability in the family environment, but also helps in providing social protection for children.

Finally, given today's complex geopolitical environment, a deferment from mobilization for parents of three children also contributes to national security. It preserves society's resources necessary for support and provides the country's military forces with a sufficient number of mobilization reserves, without depriving families of parents with a small number of children of important support.


In order to preserve legal rights and interests, in the procedure of obtaining a postponement, we provide legal support in the territorial centers of recruitment and social support. To understand the procedure for obtaining a deferment, we provide a legal assessment of your situation, and provide consultation to understand the step-by-step steps in resolving the issue.

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