Pitch Deck. How to prepare for fundraising?

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Pitch Deck. How to prepare for fundraising?

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Pitch Deck –it is a key tool for presenting a startup. In the process of working on its creation, you will effectively structure your thoughts and ideas, and as a result, you will always be ready for meetings with investors.

The ability to present your project clearly and convincingly will increase the chances of attracting investment in your startup.

How to prepare for attracting investments?

Pitch design:

  • Formulate the main idea of ​​your Pitch for each of the three options (1, 5, 10 minutes)
  • Highlight the key points you will include in each of the three Pitch options (1, 5, 10 minutes)


  • Record each of the three pitches on video - this will help you evaluate your performance and understand which points need improvement
  • Listen to your recordings and determine the points where you need to make adjustments

Get feedback on your Pitch:

  • Send the Pitch to your friends and family and ask them for constructive criticism and advice.

How to attract investments?

  • Create your Dataroom, which will consist of a Pitch Deck and an Executive Summary on Google Drive (you can recall the structure and design features of each of the documents in the Dataroom after viewing the presentation before the class).

A data room is a space where stakeholders review information about your business before making decisions.

So, knowing how to correctly prepare the necessary list of documents and indicators, you will always be ready to present your project to potential investors or partners.

Develop a Pitch Deck - a presentation of your business project, which includes the following key points:

  • company overview
  • market situation
  • product/service
  • growth strategy
  • financial indicators

Create an Executive Summary(executive summary) of your startup. This should be a short document that provides an overview of the following points:

  • your business
  • your products or services
  • market situation
  • strategy
  • key financial indicators

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