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Persons who need permanent outside care

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In modern society, there is a significant number of people who, for various reasons, need constant outside care.

This need may arise due to old age, chronic illness, disability or other circumstances that limit independence and the ability to care for oneself.

The issue of caring for such persons is important both for the patients themselves and for their relatives and society as a whole.

The category of persons in need of constant care includes:

  • With age, many people develop health problems that make it difficult or impossible to live independently. This is often the case for people with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or other diseases that affect cognitive function.
  • Persons with disabilities. These can be both physical and mental disabilities that limit a person's ability to self-care. Caring for such people may include help with daily activities, medical care, and rehabilitation activities.
  • Patients with chronic diseases. Patients with chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, often require constant medical monitoring and support.
  • Children with special needs. Children with congenital or acquired developmental disabilities also need constant care and special conditions for learning and development.

photo Persons who need constant external care

In Ukraine, there are several legal acts that regulate the registration and establishment of care for persons who need it.

  • Resolution of the CMU No. 859 regarding the establishment of care on a non-professional basis with compensation. The final result is the receipt of a Certificate on the assignment of compensation.
  • CMU Resolution No. 1044 on Amendments to the Rules for Crossing the State Border of Ukraine. The final result is the receipt of the Act on establishing the fact of care for crossing the border, which gives the right to accompany a person who needs care outside of Ukraine.
  • Resolution of the CMU No. 560 "On Approval of the Procedure for Conscription of Citizens for Military Service During Mobilization, for a Special Period." The final result is the receipt of the Act on establishing the fact of providing care for a person (permanent care), which gives the right to receive a deferment in connection with the provision of permanent care.

For proper execution of one of the above documents and legal protection of persons who need constant care, it is recommended:

Consultation with a lawyer regarding the conclusion of contracts, establishment of guardianship, receipt of social services, and proper preparation of the relevant list of documents.

A lawyer will help you to ensure that all the necessary documents are drawn up correctly, including contracts, statements, and appeals to social security authorities.

Protection of rights in court. In case of violation of rights, apply to the court for their protection. This may include filing claims for improper care, discrimination, or breach of contract.

photo Persons who need care

Ensuring legal protection of persons in need of constant care is an important aspect of public life.

A professional approach to solving legal issues will help ensure quick and qualified receipt of all necessary certificates and documents.

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