Personnel administration for a construction company. What should you know?

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Personnel administration for a construction company. What should you know?

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Every company should be careful about conducting personnel records. After all, the efficiency of the company's work depends on the correctness and timeliness of maintaining personnel documentation.

Also, do not forget about the imposition of fines for untimely maintenance of personnel documentation. In particular, this is the untimely filling of workbooks, familiarization of employees with orders, etc.

But for each legal entity, the management of personnel records may be slightly different. It depends primarily on the field of activity of a particular company.

Basic personnel documents for a construction company

  • Staff list. This is a document that regulates the quantitative composition of the company, positions, and salaries of employees. Such a document can be accepted and approved once every few years or once a year. If necessary, it can be changed or supplemented.
  • Internal labor regulations. They are drawn up in an arbitrary form and regulate the rules of work of employees in a construction company. This is an internal document that can be supplemented and changed as needed. All employees of the company must familiarize themselves with these rules under their personal signature.
  • Work time sheet. The document on the basis of which the accountant calculates wages for employees. The report card is kept in both electronic and paper form. The timesheet contains a list of names of all employees and their actual working hours.
  • Orders on personnel issues (on personnel). These include orders on acceptance, dismissal, transfer, transfer of employees, and provision of various types of vacations to employees.
  • An order accounting journal in which all issued orders are recorded.
  • Personal cards of employees. The form of personal cards must be kept according to the P-12 form.
  • Job descriptions of employees.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Regulations on labor protection.
  • Other documents.

This is called the list of basic personnel documents that must be in a construction company.

Who can manage personnel records?

This issue is decided at the discretion of the head of the construction company. It can be both a full-time employee and receiving services for managing personnel records in specialized companies.

Today, many managers use the second option, as it significantly saves financial resources, in particular, on the organization of the workplace, technical support, etc.

The second point that the heads of construction companies pay attention to is the quality of work. After all, a full-time employee is not always interested in the result, which leads to errors in personnel documents, and by using personnel outsourcing, you can be sure of the quality and reliable results.

Therefore, personnel administration is an important element of the work of a construction company. And regardless of the way it is conducted, it is worth understanding that quality legal assistance and analysis of personnel work of a construction company will never be superfluous.


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