Permission to travel abroad

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Permission to travel abroad

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When a person, having a residence permit or citizenship of another country, wants to go abroad, he should know what the procedure for obtaining an exit is. Such awareness makes it possible not to get into an unpleasant situation, when the omission of important legal aspects would lead to unexpected complications in the implementation of this intention. In any case, you will have to interact with the State Migration Service. However, you can choose whether to do it yourself or entrust the representation of your interests to professional lawyers who will greatly simplify the procedure in the legal field. Such lawyers work in the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law office. We know how to help you efficiently and effectively.

Permission to travel abroad - team informationIn what sequence should you act?

If your reason for leaving is to obtain the citizenship of another country or a permanent residence permit, you need to write a corresponding application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and attach 3 photos. Their size is 3.5 by 4.5 cm. There are also certain requirements for the photographs themselves, which can be found in the relevant legal acts.

When consulting our clients, our specialists provide detailed answers to all questions related to such organizational aspects.

Regarding the documents that you need to have when writing the application, it is a passport and a certificate of registration. If we are talking about the representation of the client’s interests by a lawyer, then in this case there is still a need to prepare a document in advance, which will certify the right to represent you on legal grounds.

Permission to travel abroad - business protectionWhat is important to know about taxes?

When a person leaves Ukraine for a permanent place of residence, he must certify that he has not left unfinished business here in the form of unpaid taxes. Therefore, you need to contact the DPS and get the relevant certificate. We also help in this when we represent your interests, so that you do not have to spend a lot of time visiting various institutions on your own. Some people forget about this reference, but it is important. Its absence can become an obstacle to leaving the country, because customs officers ask about it at the border.

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Permission to travel abroad - audit test 1What are the obstacles to travel abroad?

We have familiarized ourselves with some of the reasons for departure and the procedure for preparing for it above, and now it is worth paying attention to such an issue as the ban on departure. So what could be the reasons? The most common among them are the following factors:

  • Knowledge of state secrets.
  • Alimony arrears.
  • Administrative supervision of the National Police.
  • Avoidance of obligations imposed on a person by a relevant court decision.
  • Precautionary measure against a person as part of criminal proceedings.

If you are interested in detailed explanations regarding these and other issues, you should contact the specialists of the Prikhodko&Partners law firm. We provide advisory and other support to our clients. As for consultations, you can choose both face-to-face and distance format.


We understand very well that, having plans to go abroad, people often want to solve such issues as quickly as possible and without unnecessary waste of time. Especially when there are already certain plans in a new country. We help to get a stamp from the State Internal Revenue Service, necessary for traveling abroad, quickly enough.

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