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 According to the Law of Ukraine On Immigration , an immigration permit, that is, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, can be obtained only if there are grounds provided for by law.

 The most common grounds for the statistical summary of the SMS and the International Organization for Migration are:

  • marriage with a citizen of Ukraine for more than two years;
  • territorial origin;
  • the presence of relatives born or living on the territory of Ukraine at a certain time;
  • the presence of parents / children who are citizens of Ukraine.

 The first category, namely marriage with a citizen / citizen of Ukraine for more than two years, is inherently one of the simplest categories, since the list of documents does not provide for complex documents. The procedure for obtaining an immigration permit based on marriage is no different from other categories, but it is still considered easier.


  • Passport confirming the citizenship of the applicant
  • Marriage certificate
  • Certificate of the address of residence in the country of citizenship of the applicant (unless information about the address is indicated in the applicant’s passport)
  • Wife’s passport (indicating the place of registration or, if the wife has an ID-passport, extract or form 13)

Where to serve?

 Documents are submitted to the territorial division of the migration service at the place of residence or to a diplomatic or consular office abroad, also at the place of residence.

Processing time

 Consideration of an application for an immigration permit takes up to 12 calendar months. In some cases, an immigration permit can be obtained earlier.


 After the introduction of new rules regarding the acceptance of a document and the management of document circulation in the migration service, as well as the electronic formation of applications, etc., when submitting documents, it is necessary to be personally to the applicant, this cannot be done by power of attorney, since at the time of receipt of documents the withdrawal the applicant’s fingerprints and entering them into the system.

 After obtaining an immigration permit, foreign citizens who are on the territory of Ukraine on a legal basis have the right to apply for a permanent residence permit for a year (again, by submitting fingerprints). After 15 working days from the date of submission of documents – a foreign citizen is documented with a permanent residence permit. Foreigners who at the time of issuance of an immigration permit were not legally or their period of stay ends and there is no possibility to apply for a permanent residence permit – must leave the territory of Ukraine. When it comes to a country with a visa to enter Ukraine, it is necessary to obtain a visa of type D001-immigration, then apply for a permanent residence permit. When it comes to countries with non-visa entry, you will need to arrive with the opening of a new corridor in 90 days.

 When applying for an immigration permit, you need to be especially responsible at the applicant’s residence address. In 85% of cases of refusals to issue an immigration permit is a bad address – mass registration, does not live at the specified address, “bad apartment”, and other characteristics. The migration service, represented by inspectors, does not understand the complexity of a foreign citizen’s stay in a foreign country. Not all of them have the opportunity to acquire real estate in Ukraine, therefore, they resort to the help of temporary addresses , which are almost always with a bad history.

 When applying for an immigration permit, you must carefully prepare the documents and follow the entire process until the very finish – obtaining an immigration permit.

 If you need help in paperwork, accompanying the process of obtaining a permit for immigration to Ukraine, please contact the Prikhodko & Partners Law Firm, we will provide you with competent legal assistance!

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