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The need to solve the problem of dual or multiple citizenship in Ukraine sounds quite common, but guided by Ukrainian law, today, Ukraine recognizes only one citizenship – Ukrainian, and therefore, a foreign citizen who applies for citizenship must be ready for the procedure renunciation of the citizenship of his “native” state.

Guided by the rules of international law, which always take precedence over national law, everyone has the right to change his or her nationality, but may not always exercise it.

This primarily applies to the Russian Federation, where registration of renunciation of Russian citizenship in any format is almost impossible.

International treaties of Ukraine have priority over the norms of the Law, ie the norms of domestic law. This rule stipulates the possibility of applying the institution of dual citizenship in Ukraine through the conclusion of bilateral international agreements under which dual citizenship is recognized by both parties to the agreement. At the same time, bilateral agreements of Ukraine on citizenship concluded with a number of states are aimed at avoiding cases of dual citizenship.

One of such agreements concluded by Ukraine is the Agreement between Ukraine and the Republic of Tajikistan on simplified procedure for changing the citizenship of citizens of Ukraine permanently residing in the Republic of Tajikistan and citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan permanently residing in Ukraine.

The main objectives of this Agreement were to avoid violating the right of a person to change citizenship, the desire to avoid cases of statelessness or dual citizenship.

According to this Agreement, all citizens of Tajikistan who acquire the citizenship of Ukraine at the time of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship lose their citizenship of Tajikistan. At the time of issuing the document confirming the acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship, the migration service seizes the original Tajik passport and passes it on together with the Notification of Ukrainian Citizenship to the diplomatic missions of Tajikistan, which confirms the loss of Tajik citizenship.

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