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 Most businesses, whatever their field, are always wondering – which is better: “Outsourcing or full-time employee”? I propose to consider all the pros and cons. The most common professions that fall into this category are a lawyer, an accountant, and now in terms of online sales – is an IT specialist and marketer.

 Personally, as a manager, I always want my employee to be in my office. So it is better to control, give instructions, etc. This is how the team is formed and, I think, the work of an employee in the office is more productive.

 Today my company has more than 20 employees – 70% are lawyers, 20% are accountants, 10% are marketers. In addition, 2 IT companies and 3 marketing companies are outsourced.

 Therefore, I can argue on specific examples and specific indicators that it is better to be a full-time employee or outsourced.

What is the best staff member?

 Control. It is easier to monitor the employee in your office, because you see when he came to work, in what condition, when he left work, how quickly he follows your instructions.

 Efficiency. Here I am firmly convinced that the main incentive for efficiency is to pay for the result, not for the process. Well, or a percentage approach to work.

 For example: the court won – received wage, lost – did not receive. Or there are potential customers, the employee works with them, customers paid for services through the work of the employee – the employee received a percentage.

 Teamwork. I am convinced that efficiency directly depends on command. When a person is comfortable and comfortable to work in a team – the effectiveness of such work is much higher.

What is the best outsourcing?

 Price. The main showpiece for business. Its essence is that for the price of one employee, you buy the whole team. For example: why don’t I hire an IT specialist? It’s simple, there is no universal IT-schnik, one writes code for the site, another for a mobile application, another web designer, another programmable chat bots and so on. And given that the services of a particular specialist are needed 2-3 days a month, there is no need to hire such an employee for a full day.

 Professionalism. Outsourcing always wins over professionalism. When you hire one employee, first, his salary directly depends on the professional level. Yes, today a good lawyer (attorney) with experience and who can achieve the goals costs on the market about 2 thousand dollars, for 10-15 thousand UAH. (average salary of a lawyer on the sites robota.ua or work.ua) you can find a mid-level lawyer who, at best, will do only what you say without any initiative, will require constant monitoring, and of course, the result of his work will be mediocre.

 Versatility. Even with a salary of 1-2 thousand dollars, you are unlikely to find a universal lawyer. Even when I talk about myself, having more than 15 years of experience in the field of jurisprudence, I understand perfectly well that I am an expert in 2-3 areas (these are criminal cases, and to a greater extent with an economic bias, tax advice, corruption and official cases). But I’m definitely not an expert in family matters or migration or any other. Of course, I have a general knowledge, but I can’t objectively call myself an expert.

 So when we talk about what’s better: “Outsourcing or full-time”? The answer is ambiguous. It all depends on the tasks we set.

 In the case of simple and extensive work – it would still be better to have a full-time employee. For example, working with a standard contract or daily unsubscription of a standard situation.

 In the case of a comprehensive legal audit of the company and the construction of a protection mechanism against law enforcement agencies or in disputes with contractors (competitors) or the resolution of any unusual situation, I am more than convinced that outsourcing is better.

 Also, outsourcing is better when you do not have a constant need for a lawyer. For example, you need a lawyer 1-3 times a month. And it happens that it is not needed at all in any month. Here, of course, it is better to outsource, because you actually pay 3-5 thousand UAH per month, for this price it will be very difficult to find a lawyer in the state.

 In general, I am convinced that every type of business should do its job, a builder should build, a restaurateur should organize processes in the kitchen and in the hall, a seller should sell goods, and a lawyer should solve legal problems.

 I formed the team of the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners” for over 3 years. Today there are specialists in various fields of law, including:

  • criminal block;
  • anti-corruption bloc;
  • tax support;
  • support in the field of construction and land issues;
  • family practice;
  • tender support;
  • migration practice;
  • corporate practice;
  • support registration and sale of business in Ukraine and other countries;
  • investment projects and startups.

 In addition, the company has an accounting department and a department of integrated marketing.

 Well, if you have any interest or any additional questions, I am always happy to meet new people and invite you to our office.

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