Order on dismissal from military service

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Order on dismissal from military service

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An order of discharge from military service is an official document issued to a serviceman regarding the termination of his service.

What is the algorithm for obtaining an order on dismissal from military service?

The dismissal procedure looks like this:

  • A military serviceman submits a discharge report.
  • The commander of the military unit reviews the report and makes a decision on dismissal.
  • In case of a positive decision, a dismissal order is issued.

A military serviceman has the right to read the dismissal order and receive a copy of it. Usually, the serviceman receives an extract from the order.


The procedure for dismissal from military service is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service" and other normative legal acts. It should also be remembered that the grounds and procedure for dismissal from military service during martial law have certain peculiarities. Therefore, some grounds for exemption that are available in peacetime may not be available during martial law.

An important point is that before being discharged, a serviceman must fulfill all combat tasks and other obligations.

Also, after discharge, a serviceman can be mobilized again, if he does not issue a postponement directly at the TCC and SP.

When exactly is the order issued?

If dismissal:

according to the state of health: The order is issued after receiving the opinion of the Military Medical Commission about unfitness for military service.
After the serviceman was removed from the personnel list, the personnel service within 1 day:

  • Collects all documents about him and his service.
  • Sends these documents electronically (if possible).
  • If electronic format is not possible, prints them and sends paper copies.

Sends to: to the picking centers specified in the release order.

Why sends: to put (or remove) a serviceman from the register.

  • by age: The order is issued after reaching the maximum age of service.
  • in family circumstances: The order is issued after a certain period for considering the report and making a positive decision, if during this period there are no grounds for refusing the dismissal.


The Order specifies the grounds on which the serviceman is dismissed, the territorial recruitment and social support center to which the serviceman is to be sent for military registration; years of service in calendar and preferential calculations, as well as payments provided for upon dismissal.

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