Official salaries of military personnel

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Official salaries of military personnel

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The state determines its obligations to guarantee adequate salaries and pensions for military personnel, to create appropriate conditions of payment for such persons.

A system of monetary support is used for payments to military personnel and military pensioners. Financial support may differ significantly in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On Social and Legal Protection of Servicemen and Members of Their Families”.

The size of the provision depends on the position held by the soldier, his period of service, qualifications, obtaining the scientific degree of a candidate or doctor of sciences, the scientific title of associate professor, professor, etc. It also includes monthly and one-time payments. Monthly bonuses include bonuses for special service conditions, performance of particularly important tasks, payments for positions in support of cyber security and cyber protection, work with secret documents, and others. One-time, in turn, includes rewards for demining, combat duty, all those provided for by law.


According to the Ukrainian legislation concerning the social security of persons who have completed military service and other categories of citizens, the amount of pensions for military personnel is calculated on the basis of their financial security.

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Official salaries of military personnel - information deskSalary plays a large role in the assignment and transfer of military pensions. Its size is determined by the tariff grid of coefficients and grades for positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other services. It is specified in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under number 704.

According to the resolution, there are 60 tariff categories, each of which corresponds to a certain tariff coefficient. In turn, the ranks correspond to one of the main typical positions of military personnel. It is possible to independently calculate what amount of salary corresponds to a certain typical position. To do this, it is necessary to multiply the tariff coefficient by the amount of 1,762 hryvnias, which was the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons as of January 1, 2018.


When a serviceman retires or recalculates an already existing pension, the official salary is of a significant nature. Cash security when accruing a pension is formed from permanent and monthly payments. It should be noted that additional payments are calculated as a percentage of the official salary. This means that the amount of official salary depends on the position held by a military serviceman, and the amount of additional payments and bonuses depends on the amount of this salary. The higher the salary, the higher the amount of other financial support items.

When calculating pensions from March 1, 2018, the Pension Fund did not take into account the additional payments and premiums of military pensioners. Also, the maximum amount of the pension was illegally reduced from 90% to 70% of the amount of monetary support. With this, the Pension Fund violated the rights of many pensioners, but they can be restored in court.

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