Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine abroad

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Obtaining a passport of a citizen of Ukraine abroad

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For many Ukrainians whose passports have expired or lost the document, the question of obtaining a new passport is urgent. And if it is necessary abroad, then here a citizen of Ukraine faces an even greater number of questions. The first of them is where to go to get a new passport. The answer is simple - to the passport office of Ukraine on the territory of any foreign country where it is located. Some believe that for this you need to communicate with the Consulate, but this is not the case. Consular offices of our country are not authorized to issue internal passports of citizens of Ukraine.

Is there a procedure for renewing a passport?

Our clients often ask this question about passport validity. Unfortunately, there is no such option today. This means that when the ID passport expires, you need to submit documents for the production of a new passport. If a photo at the age of 25 or 45 is not pasted into the paper passport, there are no opportunities to extend it abroad. So, if a person wants to solve this issue in the country of his stay, he mostly chooses the option of making a new passport.

What documents must be submitted for the production of a passport?

The main document is the birth certificate. For adults, this is also a TIN reference. As for children born to a citizen of another state, a certificate confirming the child's citizenship is also required.

What to do if there is no certificate?

If the situation is exactly as described above, and there is no certificate, then it must be issued first. And only then will it be possible to obtain an internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine. Therefore, for such a certificate, you need to contact the consular office or the State Migration Service, if you want to produce it upon arrival in the Motherland.

How to get the first passport?

As for obtaining the first passport of a citizen of Ukraine (at the age of 14), it is important to know that its issuance requires the personal presence of the citizen accompanied by one of the parents or guardians. In this case, it is impossible to issue a passport by proxy.

What do you need to know about a military registration document for men?

Military registration of men and constant changes in the relevant legislation motivate specialists to keep their finger on the pulse of legal updates. At the time of writing this material, a military registration document is not required to issue an internal passport for adult men. However, actual information on such issues should be clarified with a lawyer at the time of application.


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