Obtaining a grant for veterans and their families for 2024

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Obtaining a grant for veterans and their families for 2024

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In April 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine developed a government project to increase support for existing businesses, within the framework of which a grant program for veterans and their families began to operate.

This opened up new opportunities for veterans and their family members to receive additional funds for the implementation of their business ideas.

However, already on November 7, 2023, the government introduced changes that in practice should generally improve the process of receiving funds under the grant program. What is the relevance of the chosen topic?

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the new conditions for receiving a grant for veterans and their families for 2024.

Obtaining a grant for veterans and their families for 2024 - okladi za vijskovim zvannyam

What were the main changes?

  • Reducing the number of the list of necessary documents that must be submitted to an authorized financial institution for payment of expenses from grant funds.

Previously, to confirm spending under the grant program, veterans and their family members had to submit two documents, namely: an invoice and a contract between the recipient and the supplier. From now on, only one of these documents needs to be submitted for payment of expenses with grant funds;

  • Expanding the list for the targeted use of funds received under the grant program.

From now on, the government allowed entrepreneurs to use the funds received under the grant program not only for renting non-residential premises but also for land plots. However, there is a nuance, such land plots should be used only for commercial and industrial purposes.

  • Abolition of the previously established maximum grant amount during one application period for the program.

From now on, decisions on grant funds will be made during one wave of applications without the possibility of transferring them to the next wave. In practice, this should significantly accelerate citizens’ receipt of funds within the framework of the grant program, and in the long run, reduce the time it takes to create new jobs.

  • For the participants of hostilities, persons with disabilities, and their family members, the amounts of grant funds were clarified.

If previously a veteran entrepreneur could only receive funds within the framework of the grant program for either 250 thousand UAH or 1 million UAH, today the possibility of receiving a grant of 500 thousand UAH was added, due to the cancellation of the norm on the possibility of receiving such an amount only to another spouse (wife or husband of a veteran).

  • Cancellation of the co-financing requirement.

If earlier, to receive grant funds in the amount of 250,000 to 1 million, the applicant had to contribute at least 30% of his savings, co-financing does not occur when receiving grant funds in the amount of up to 500,000. own savings only when receiving a grant from 500,000 to 1 million

If you need help in obtaining a grant for veterans and their families, contact the “Prikhodko and Partners” law office.

Our company understands the issues of successfully applying for the selected grant program and receiving the appropriate amount of funds, as we have many years of experience in the grant field. Get in touch!

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