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 Migration is the driving force and important consequence of economic, political and social change. Given its impact on the world globally, it is necessary to fully understand migration and its significance. Regulation of migration processes is one of the important areas of public policy, as it is possible to regulate certain social processes, as well as areas of state activity.

 One of the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of migration is the annual establishment of an immigration quota. The immigration quota is determined by specific categories of immigrants. In total, nine categories have been identified:

  • figures of science and culture;
  • highly qualified specialists and workers;
  • investors in the amount of more than 100 thousand dollars;
  • identified relatives of Ukrainian citizens;
  • former Ukrainian citizens;
  • victims of human trafficking;
  • servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than 3 years.

 The Government adopted Order № 148-r of 24.02.2021 (establishment of an actual quota for immigration). You can read it at the link

  Immigration quota is set annually for:

  • categories of persons;
  • by areas.

 The figures are determined in accordance with the proposals submitted to the migration service by local authorities. In all categories and regions of Ukraine, the immigration quota for 2021 amounted to 9 818 people.

 Thus, the maximum number of foreigners and stateless persons who can apply for an immigration permit to Ukraine in 2021 is 9 818 people.

  Yes, quotas are defined as follows:

  • for figures of science and culture, the quota is 580 people (for the city of Kiev – 100 people);
  • for highly qualified specialists and workers – 5706 people (for the city of Kyiv – 2611 people);
  • brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson or grandson of Ukrainian citizens – 890 people (for the city of Kyiv – 100 people);
  • former Ukrainian citizens – 396 people (for the city of Kyiv – 30 people);
  • persons who have served in the Armed Forces for more than three years – 106 people (not provided for the city of Kyiv);
  • parents, husband, wife, minor children of the immigrant – 2140 people (for the city of Kiev – 300 people).

 It should be noted that no maximum quota has been set for foreign investors, which creates a situation of creating a positive investment climate. In addition, there is no quota for victims of trafficking.

 For comparison, the quota for immigration in 2020 was significantly zero and amounted to 8 538 people, which is 1 280 people less. Increasing the immigration quota helps to attract, in particular, new highly qualified personnel, which has a positive impact on the state’s economy.

 Additionally, we would like to note that the immigration quota The immigration permit does not apply to the categories of persons defined in paragraph 3 of Article 4 of the Law on Immigration.

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