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Extremely often the company does not have a full-time staff member who deals exclusively with issues of accounting in this area, hiring or dismissal. Instead, such work is entrusted to an accountant. That is, the employee has job responsibilities and keeps both accounting and personnel records. However, it should be noted that regardless of the availability of personnel, the accountant in any case faces the support of a particular employee, as he submits to the competent authorities notices of employment, accrues and pays wages, holidays and more. Therefore, the accountant should be aware of the changes that have been implemented since January 5, 2022, namely the new form of notification of hiring an employee.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 28.12.2021 № 1392 amended the resolutions of 17.06.2015 № 413 and 17.04.2019 № 328. In particular, the changes concerned the update of the form of notice of employment.

So what is such a message and in what cases should it be submitted?

Paragraph 4 of Article 24 of the Labor Code of Ukraine provides that an employee is not allowed to work without two documents (facts):

  • employment contract;
  • notification of the State Tax Service of Ukraine on hiring an employee.

The current text of such a message can be found at link

So what has changed in the form of the notice and how will it affect employers?

From January 5, 2022, this document is called “Notice of hiring / concluding a gig contract”. So it is clear from the name that the signing of gig contracts under the “Action City” will also need to be reported.
Please note that if you have nothing to do with gig specialists, the updated message form should be used by everyone.

The message provides for filling in the following information:

  • RNOKPP of the accepted worker;
  • last name and first name of the employee;
  • category of employee (hired at the main place of work; part-time employee; gig-specialist; employee on the basis of a civil contract).
  • details of the order of acceptance;
  • start date.

The notice is usually submitted on the day of hiring (date of the order). The main thing is to submit such a notice before the actual performance of official duties. Timely and correct submission of the message is the key to successful and correct personnel records at the initial stage. In essence, the employer is still required to file a notice, but its form has been updated.

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