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The People’s Deputies of Ukraine registered in the Verkhovna Rada a bill № 2303 on the organization of advocacy.
The following amendments are proposed to the Law on Advocacy and Advocacy.
Incompatibility. A work or activity that makes it impossible for a lawyer to adhere to the principle of professional independence is incompatible with the activity of a lawyer.

Individual activity, taxes. A lawyer can practice law individually, without creating a legal entity and independently choose the system of accounting, reporting, taxation of professional results.
A lawyer has the right to carry out professional activities under an employment contract.
Assistant lawyer. A lawyer may enter into an employment contract for the position of assistant with persons who have received a diploma in law not lower than the first level of education (bachelor) (now – master’s degree). The employment contract of the assistant with the lawyer who carries out legal activity as a part of law office, law association is concluded by issue of the corresponding order.
ERAU. The Unified Register of Lawyers is defined as an electronic database that contains information on lawyers who have acquired the right to practice law in Ukraine and practice law. ERAU wants to be included in the system of electronic public registers.
Responsibility. The basis for bringing a lawyer to disciplinary responsibility is that he has committed a disciplinary offense only during the practice of law. It should be noted that now VKDKA can deprive the right to practice law for violating ethics in private life.
It is also proposed to establish that the appeal of the decision in the disciplinary case suspends its effect (now – does not stop).

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