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 Like any evolving phenomenon, the system for preventing corruption must be improved. In particular, this can be done with the help of new tools, as well as improving existing ones. In addition, it is important to modernize, improve and optimize not only the civil service and its management, but also the business system. Therefore, consider the tools implemented to prevent corruption.

 The first process that is constantly evolving is to ensure the transparency of public authorities in the disposal of budget funds and property. The tools for providing the above can be various information and analytical systems, such as “Open Budget“, “Portal for the use of public funds“ and so on.

Since the phenomenon of corruption permeates all spheres of society, an important aspect in preventing corruption in the civil service is the creation of the so-called “zero level of tolerance for corruption.” The above is realized by minimizing the social factors of corruption and creating total intolerance to this phenomenon among citizens. The tools that are beginning to be introduced in this direction are to conduct educational information campaigns among citizens, the development of public service delivery, by translating them into electronic form, which reduces the number of personal contacts with civil servants. Its practical manifestations can be social media, websites of public associations and their educational campaign, creation of portals of administrative services and electronic queues, creation of a system for assessing the quality of provided public services, etc.

Prevention of organizational factors of corruption can be provided by information and communication tools. It is manifested in the reengineering of administrative processes and procedures, the use of innovative technologies, the introduction of electronic document management systems. A practical example of the use of such tools are numerous electronic document management systems (for example “SEDO“, “ASKOD“).

Also quite relevant project in this direction, which was recently introduced, but is quite actively developing is the program of the President of Ukraine “State in a smartphone“, which is implemented through the creation of the portal “ACTION“. “ACTION“ is an online service of public services, where all processes are carried out quickly, clearly and understandably. It helps to receive the service remotely and faster, only with the help of Electronic digital signature. Currently, with the help of this service it is possible to perform a number of significant actions to register, change information or terminate business entities, register the birth of a child and receive related services, submit a notice of commencement of construction and preparatory work, submit a declaration of readiness for operation. which is carried out on the basis of a construction passport. The existence of such a service minimizes a person’s contact with a civil servant (for example, a state registrar or inspector), which reduces the risk of corruption for the provision of such services to a minimum. It is worth noting that the project “State in a smartphone“ is, so far, the only one in the world, which indicates its progressiveness.

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