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Mobilization under the age of 25

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Ensuring national security is an important task for every state, and mobilization of the population is a key tool in this process. In Ukraine, due to the difficult geopolitical circumstances, the issue of mobilization, in particular of young people under 25, is particularly relevant.

The legal framework

The legal framework for mobilization in Ukraine is based on two key laws:

  • The Law of Ukraine "On Military Duty and Military Service" defines the principles of military service, age limits for conscription, categories of conscripts and the conscription procedure.
  • "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization - regulates the mobilization process, including the legal basis for preparation, the procedure for mobilization, the powers of state bodies and the duties of citizens.


Age restrictions and eligibility criteria

Ukrainian legislation sets clear age limits for the mobilization of citizens. Particular attention should be paid to the category of men under the age of 25.

It should be understood that not all men of this age group are subject to conscription, but only those who have the status of persons liable for military service. This status can be acquired under the following conditions:

  1. Studying at a military department;
  2. Obtaining the appropriate education;
  3. Completion of military service in the army.

Another key point is the medical fitness, which is determined at the medical examination center.

Important! The mere fact of passing a medical examination does not automatically make a person liable for military service.

Citizens recognized as fit and having the status of persons liable for military service may be called up within the age limits established by law. At the same time, persons with limited fitness may also acquire the status of persons liable for military service, but subject to certain restrictions on the nature of the service.

Postponements and exemptions from mobilization

Ukrainian legislation provides for a number of categories of citizens who are entitled to deferment of conscription or exemption from mobilization.

Mobilization under the age of 25

They are entitled to a deferral:

  1. Full-time or dual enrollment students (first-time students)
  2. Postgraduate and doctoral students
  3. Lecturers, teachers, researchers (0.75 positions and more)
  4. Medical workers
  5. Employees of strategic enterprises
  6. Persons with three or more children (subject to payment of alimony)
  7. Single parents
  8. Guardians of children with disabilities or seriously ill children
  9. Persons taking care of sick relatives

They are exempt from mobilization:

  • Persons with disabilities
  • Guardians of incapacitated persons
  • Parents of three or more children under the age of 18
  • People's deputies of Ukraine
  • Employees of power structures and law enforcement agencies
  • Persons taking care of people with disabilities of group I or II
  • Persons with minor children whose partner is in military service

Important! The list of categories may change depending on the situation in the country and the need for defense. The right to deferment or exemption must be confirmed by appropriate documents.


The mobilization of citizens under the age of 25 in Ukraine is a legal procedure with a minimum age of 18. The process must comply with all legal norms, including grounds for deferment and exemption. The state guarantees the mobilized persons their jobs and social benefits, but also provides for liability for evasion. It is important to know your rights and obligations.

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