Mobilization order

"Arma potentius aequum".

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Mobilization order

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What is a mobilization order?

A mobilization order is a document that is handed to a conscripted citizen after he passes a medical examination and is recognized as fit for military service for further mobilization.

The mobilization order obliges a person to appear at a certain conscription point within 24 hours after the announcement of mobilization.


What are the main differences from a subpoena:

  • A subpoena may be issued to verify credentials, pass a medical board, or for other non-mobilization purposes.
  • Mobilization orders are issued only for conscription during mobilization.

What data is contained in the mobilization order:

  • Full name of conscript.
  • His date of birth.
  • His address of registration (actual residence).
  • Type of subpoena.
  • Unique document number.
  • The time and date when it is necessary to appear at the conscription point.
  • Other necessary information.

Is there liability for non-arrival under a mobilization order?

Of course! Administrative responsibility is provided for non-appearance following a summons to update data or to pass a Military Medical Commission. However, if we talk about non-appearance under the mobilization order without valid reasons, then this entails criminal liability.

How to act if you cannot appear according to the mobilization order?

  • It is necessary to immediately report this to the military commissariat or to the territorial center of recruitment and social support.
  • Submit documents confirming a valid reason for absence.

So, what can be valid reasons for absenteeism:

  • Illness:
    - Inpatient treatment, which is confirmed by an appropriate medical document.
  • Death of a close relative:
    - Documentally confirmed.
  • Disaster:
    - Prevented from appearing at the conscription point.
  • Other good reasons:
    - By court decision.

What is important to know:

  • The mobilization order can be issued only after the conscript passes the military medical commission and is recognized as fit for military service.
  • Not all conscripts are subject to mobilization, as there are certain categories of citizens who have the right to postpone mobilization.


Is the mobilization order appealed and how to do it?

It is not possible to challenge a mobilization order as such in a court of law. However, it is possible to challenge the actions of the territorial recruitment and social support center (TCC and SP) related to mobilization, if they are illegal. For example, if the TCC and SP illegally mobilized a person without a Military Medical Commission or ignored the grounds for postponing mobilization.

In these cases, you can complain to a higher authority (regional TCC and SP) or to the court.

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