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The use of the possibilities of inventions and innovations in today’s conditions is common in the context of each person’s life. However, some things were not common twenty years ago, and today are an integral part of life. This applies in particular to the progress associated with the spread of the Internet and gadgets. It has become the driving force behind the emergence of certain services, programs, startups aimed at making life easier for the average person. The field of jurisprudence is no exception.

Thus, the use of legal systems by professional lawyers and attorneys has long been a way to save time and resources. So if legal systems are so useful, can they help ordinary citizens? Definitely yes! In this article we will tell you how to use the legal startup project “Consultant” will simplify the existing problems and save your time and money.

“Consultant” is increasingly becoming an indispensable attribute of every person in Ukraine, regardless of gender and age. “Consultant” is your pocket advisor, who will solve any legal difficulties as soon as possible, because on your side is not one, but a whole group of practicing lawyers. You do not need to rely solely on yourself. Of course, you can google the questions and find the answer on the Internet. However, we warn against making such mistakes, as legislation is constantly changing, and therefore the answer found may be incorrect and only worsen the current situation. In this article we will once again describe the possibilities of the project “Consultant”, the ideological developer of which was the law firm “Prikhodko&Partners”.

The AppStore and Google Play have free access to the “Consultant” application, which you can install on your smartphone. Immediately, what you pay attention to is a simple and clear interface, so you will not have problems using it. In the consultant you can ask questions of different types and nature. The answer will be 100% qualified, as not only lawyers are connected to the system, but also specialized specialists (for example, auditors, notaries, customs brokers, arbitration managers and other specialists).

We also want to draw attention to the fact that quite often the questions asked are common among the population. Therefore, you can use the project “Consultant” for informational and educational purposes. Yes, on our web portal you can see the most frequently asked questions and answers. This will help increase your personal legal awareness and help you avoid similar situations in the future.

The Consultant project is constantly evolving and improving, and is therefore progressive. Download the application to your smartphone, do not procrastinate with resolving existing situations, ask questions to our specialists and we guarantee that you will be legally protected.

If you have any inconvenience or problems using the Consultant app, contact our 24/7 support.

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