Mixed seniority for military personnel

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Mixed seniority for military personnel

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Military service in Ukraine is a special type of labor activity of citizens aimed at ensuring the defense of the state and its security. The Law of Ukraine "On Social and Legal Protection of Servicemen and Members of Their Families" stipulates that the time spent by citizens in military service is included in their total and continuous work experience. This gives military personnel certain social guarantees and the right to a decent pension.

However, in practice, problems often arise when calculating the total length of service for servicemen who, before or after military service, worked in civilian, non-military occupations. In such cases, a mixed seniority is compiled, which requires special calculation features for assigning a pension and other social benefits.


Therefore, the issue of the proper inclusion of military service in the total length of service and the correct calculation of mixed length of service is important and needs to be resolved at the level of legislation and social security practice.

What is mixed seniority?

Mixed seniority is a combination of different periods of a person's labor activity to determine his total insurance seniority for the purpose of assigning a pension and other social benefits.

Mixed length of service is established in those cases when a person during his working life combined work in civilian professions with military or law enforcement service.

For example, a person first worked for several years at an enterprise, then went to military service, and later, after being discharged from the Armed Forces, continued working in a civilian position.

In this case, the entire mixed experience - both civilian and military - is taken into account for calculating the pension. This entitles a person to a higher pension.

What is required to issue such a pension?

In order to issue a long-service pension, military personnel with mixed insurance experience need:

  • Have a total insurance experience of at least 25 years. This can be the total experience of both civilian and military service.
  • Of these 25 years of insurance experience, at least 12 years and 6 months must be experience of military service or service in internal affairs bodies.
  • On the day of release from military service, you must be 45 years old.
  • Submit an application for refusal to grant a pension on general grounds in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
  • Contact the Pension Fund with an application for the appointment of a retirement pension and provide all the necessary documents.

Under these conditions, a serviceman with mixed experience can receive a pension for years of service before reaching the general retirement age.


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