Military retirement due to health

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Military retirement due to health

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The current legislation of Ukraine provides for various grounds for retirement. In particular, when it comes to military personnel. If we talk about the key normative legal act that regulates this issue, then it is the Law “On pension provision of persons released from military service and certain other persons”. Let’s consider in more detail who can receive such a pension.

Military retirement due to health - information deskWhat kind of pension is available to military personnel based on their health status?

Military personnel who have retired due to their health are entitled to a pension in the amount of 55% of the amount of monetary support. Also, each subsequent year after 20 years of service adds another 3% of the pension to the serviceman’s pension. However, it is also important to know that the current legal norms set the maximum amount of the pension, which reaches 70% of the basic pension.

Individuals are singled out for those whose health deterioration is found in specific disability groups. There is also a gradation regarding whether the disability occurred as a result of participation in hostilities or whether it has other causes. This is important to understand, because the presence or absence of disability, as well as its causes, affect the amount of pension benefits.

For example, the 1st group of disability as a result of injuries or wounds received in combat is the basis for a pension in the amount of 100% of monetary support, and the same group of disability for another reason provides for a pension in the amount of 70% of monetary support.

Thus, the gradation of pensions is quite complex and requires detailed consideration. In order not to deal with this issue on your own, it is worth contacting specialists who specialize in it. Such experts are in the team of the Prikhodko&Partners law office. Inquiries at the intersection of military and pension law belong to our specialization, and clients turn to them quite often. Therefore, we will explain to you the difference between each of the mentioned cases and guide you as to which specific rules of law are relevant in your situation.

Military retirement due to health - gry 4843

Military retirement due to health - audit test 1What documents are required to issue such a pension?

The list of necessary documentation is specified in the “Procedure for submission and processing of documents for the appointment (recalculation) of pensions in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On pension provision of persons discharged from military service and certain other persons”. Sometimes it is difficult for the military to figure out this issue on its own, since the legal act is quite complex and adaptable to different cases. So we familiarize each of our clients with the requirements specific to their circumstances. If we speak in general terms, it means that military medical documents confirming the condition of the discharged person must be attached to the pension application.


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