Military report

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Lawyer practicing military law and recalculation of military pensions. Specializes in issues of mobilization, namely providing consultations, obtaining postponement of mobilization, issues of passing the military medical commission. Assistance to military personnel, provision of consultations, writing of reports, support for dismissal from military service, appealing the conclusion of the military medical commission, etc.

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Military report

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A military report is an official document drawn up by the military to report on events, the state of the unit, the performance of tasks, as well as to resolve organizational and combat issues.

The types of reports can be different: from a report for transfer, discharge, treatment, medical examination, leave, to a report for payment of financial support, to obtain a certificate of injury, etc.


The most popular requests for writing a military report are in the following categories:

  • A military report for discharge from military service - such a report is an official document drawn up by a military officer to record information about himself/herself regarding discharge from service. It contains personal data of the serviceman, such as surname, name, patronymic, rank, military ID number, as well as the reason and circumstances of discharge from military service.
  • Military report for transfer to another unit - If a serviceman has expressed a desire to transfer or has family or health problems, he needs to take a position and write a report. It should be noted that the approval of a transfer report falls under the responsibility of the military leadership and the decision depends on them. Therefore, at any time the report may be returned and not approved, except in situations where the transfer is mandatory, for example, based on a decision of the Military Medical Commission on limited fitness.

  • Military report for a military MMC - the grounds for an unscheduled MMC may include situations such as injury or wounding, return from medical leave or exacerbation of a health condition. It is important to indicate in the report on the referral to the MMC the reason for which you are submitting it. In addition, you must indicate the medical diagnoses and diseases you have.

It is important to ensure that the circumstances are correct, as otherwise the report may be returned with a statement that there are no grounds for referral to the commission. Therefore, in order not to waste time, it is better to trust a practicing lawyer.

By contacting a military lawyer, you can order an individual report to be written according to your situation or order a report template. This template is a well-established document that has been formed on the basis of practice with various military units and servicemen.


What else can the help of a military lawyer be useful for?

If you decide to file a report on your own and you are verbally denied or delayed in the consideration of the report, a lawyer can send a lawyer's request for consideration of the report in order to find out at what stage the report is being considered and what decision has been made on your appeal.

If you do not know where to start, call and make an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, a specialist will analyze your situation and help you decide where to start.

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