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Kozyan Tatyana

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Specializes in military law: contesting the conclusion of the military medical commission, writing reports, writing applications to the TCC and SP for deferment, support for dismissal from military service, consultations on mobilization.

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Military lawyer online

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With the development of communication technologies, many things can be done from any part of the world. The Internet allows you to get help and advice online. While it was hard to imagine a few years ago, today you can get help from a lawyer online.

What is it?

An online military lawyer is a lawyer who provides legal assistance to military personnel online, by phone, email or other online communication platforms. Military law is a branch of law that regulates relations related to military service, organization and activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations and law enforcement agencies. A consultation with a military lawyer is the first service he or she provides. After all, the client must first get acquainted with the specialist, provide specific information about the situation, and only then proceed to its resolution.

That is, it is an analog of live communication and legal assistance.

It is worth noting that even participation in court hearings can also take place without the physical presence of a person, using the Electronic Court subsystem.

It is worth clarifying that there may be an online consultation of a military lawyer, as it is now much more convenient to solve some general issues that do not require a personal meeting.

The advantages of such assistance:


  • Military personnel can get legal assistance without leaving their homes. Even while in the combat zone, you can get advice or clarification by phone or in another convenient way.


  • Military personnel can get legal assistance anytime, anywhere. There is no need to look for a lawyer in the office, it is enough to have his or her contacts and quickly get the help you need.


  • Military personnel can save time and money on transportation costs, waiting in lines, etc. It should be noted that it is not always possible for servicemen to physically leave the unit to seek legal assistance. With the help of an online military lawyer, this can be done without interrupting service.



  • Not all legal issues can be resolved online. There are certain situations in which personal involvement of a person is required.


  • There is a risk of privacy violation when communicating online. But there is such a risk even when communicating with friends via messengers.

Technical problems:

  • Technical problems may prevent communication with a lawyer. For example, a lack of communication, internet or power supply may limit the time for providing a consultation.

How to find a military lawyer online:


  • There are many websites where you can find military attorneys who offer services online.


  • You can ask friends, relatives or other military personnel for recommendations.

Bar associations:

  • Some law associations have lists of military lawyers who offer online services.

However, when choosing a lawyer, you should carefully review their work and, if available, reviews from other clients.


  • Make sure that the lawyer has experience with military cases.
  • Ask about the cost of the lawyer's services.
  • Keep all documents related to your case.
  • Feel free to ask your lawyer any questions.


  • Before an online consultation with a military lawyer, make sure that he or she has the appropriate qualifications and experience. After all, not all lawyers specialize in military cases. It is important to clarify this when choosing a specialist. It saves time and will serve as a guarantee of quality advice.
  • Write down all the questions you want to ask the lawyer before starting an online consultation. Often, excitement and other circumstances do not allow you to fully get answers to the questions you need, so you should think about this in advance.
  • Apply for a face-to-face consultation with a military lawyer if your case requires a detailed analysis and qualified legal assistance.

Therefore, if you need help in the military sphere, we recommend that you contact a specialist who has in-depth knowledge and a large number of practical skills.

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