Military accounting at the enterprise

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Military accounting at the enterprise

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Military registration of employees during mobilization: what do you need to know?

In the context of martial law and mobilization in Ukraine, the issue of military registration of employees becomes particularly relevant. Employers and employees must clearly understand their rights and obligations in this area to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise and the fulfillment of mobilization tasks.


What categories of employees are subject to mobilization?

  • Persons liable for military service: men and women who have completed regular military service, graduated from military educational institutions, or have been discharged from military service in the reserve.
  • Reservists

What are the employer's actions when maintaining military records?

  • Verification and storage of employees' military registration documents.
  • Timely informing the Territorial center for recruitment and social support about changes in the composition of employees.
  • Providing the Territorial center for recruitment and social supportwith the necessary information about employees subject to mobilization.
  • Conducting training sessions with persons liable for military service.
  • Maintaining a personal card for each employee.

What are the rights and obligations of employees?

  • Employees are obliged to submit military registration documents to the employer upon employment.
  • Notify the employer of changes in marital status, education, place of residence, etc.
  • Report to the Territorial center for recruitment and social support when served with a summons.
  • Undergo the Territorial center for recruitment and social support within the timeframe stipulated by law.

Perform other duties stipulated by the legislation on military duty and military service.

In the event of a call-up notice, report to the Territorial center for recruitment and social support at the specified time.

Who is responsible for military registration of employees?

  • Managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations organize the relevant process.
  • Employees of the personnel service (HR officers) directly maintain military records.
  • If there is no personnel officer, such responsibilities are assigned to the person who keeps records of employees.
  • The number of responsible persons depends on the number of employees to be mobilized.

This division of responsibilities ensures the proper functioning of the military registration system.

Additional details:

  • Managers are responsible for ensuring the necessary conditions for maintaining military records.
  • Human resources officers keep their military registration documents and provide information about them to the Territorial center for recruitment and social support.
  • The person who keeps records of employees performs all the functions of the personnel officer in relation to military registration.
  • The number of responsible persons can be from one to five.


  • All conscripts, persons liable for military service and reservists are required to register for military service.
  • Employers are obliged to facilitate the maintenance of military registration at their enterprises.

What is the reservation for persons liable for military service?

Reservation is a postponement of military service during mobilization and wartime for persons liable for military service who work at the relevant enterprises of any form of ownership.

Which companies can reserve their employees?

The list of companies that can book their employees is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It includes enterprises that ensure the vital activity of the country, defense capability, as well as strategic sectors of the economy.


How is the reservation of persons liable for military service carried out?

To reserve a person liable for military service, an employer submits to the Territorial center for recruitment and social support a list of employees liable for military service, which includes

  • Name of the company.
  • Number of employees to be reserved.
  • Positions and military specialties of employees subject to reservation.

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