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Lawyer specializing in migration law - processing documents on the territory of Ukraine, European Union countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania), providing visa assistance for Ukrainian citizens and foreigners.

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Migration lawyer in Budapest

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Hungary is a country that attracts many people who want to live in a good place with prosperous and favorable conditions. The law firm “Prikhodko&Partners” has specialists who work in migration issues. Moreover, we practice a narrow specialization, when a professional works on the requests of clients related to a particular country. For example, it could be a migration lawyer in Budapest. We invite you to familiarize yourself with what are the advantages of living in Hungary, and what issues of migration law are usually of interest to people who go there.

Migration lawyer in Budapest - winning teamBenefits of living in Hungary

With the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine, many people began to raise the question of where to go for a temporary or permanent place of residence, so that the country would be quiet and safe. Many liked Hungary and the city of Budapest, in particular.


Among the advantages that reside in this country, it is worth noting the following positions:

  • The safety of citizens due to the low crime rate. The mentality of the local people is quite calm and friendly. Therefore, people often come here who have a request for a measured life without unpleasant surprises and unnecessary adventures.
  • Excellent environmental conditions. The mild climate contributes to a comfortable life. And the presence of a number of world-famous resorts with recreational opportunities allows those who make it a priority to improve their health.
  • A good level of social security, opportunities for inexpensive study at a university, promising work and doing business.
  • It is these advantages that make Hungary an attractive place to live. No wonder a migration lawyer in Budapest is a sought-after specialist.

He is approached for a wide variety of issues, among which the most popular are those related to residence permits, visas and other similar topics.

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Migration lawyer in Budapest - team informationEmigration issues

There are different options for emigration, in which you can get a residence permit. A migration lawyer in Budapest will tell you about all these possibilities. For example, popular solutions are:

  • Business emigration, when a person wants to do business. Among the advantages of such a solution is the fact that there is an organizational and legal form of the enterprise, which, in terms of the format of its functioning, is similar to a Ukrainian limited liability company. A migration lawyer will tell you about what is needed for such an emigration and how to start a business of this kind.
  • Emigration due to employment. In this matter, the specialist will advise on the certificates that are needed, as well as other important requirements.
  • Emigration of pensioners who seek family reunification. Local legislation provides for this possibility, and the migration lawyer will be able to tell you about it in more detail.
  • Emigration for study. In this topic, the specialist will answer questions about how to become a university student in Budapest or another city in Hungary.


Often people have questions about a residence permit through the purchase of real estate. There is no direct basis for this, but in the legal framework housing, health insurance and livelihood are important requirements in order to obtain a temporary residence permit.

In addition to the above issues, a migration law lawyer in Hungary is often contacted on the topic of applying for a D visa and replacing a temporary residence permit with a permanent one. In a word, such a specialist will advise and provide legal support in a variety of issues.

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