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As you know, for most legal entities, the Charter is the main document that regulates their activities.

Much attention is paid to the content of the statute not only by the founders of the legal entity, but also by the state registrar when performing legal actions. But life does not stand still, the law changes and in some cases the activities of legal entities. In such cases, the Charter must be brought into line.

At the same time, with the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies” all LLCs have to bring their Statutes into line.

Bringing the Charter in line means making changes in the activities of a legal entity. Bringing the Statute in line is not just about amending it. This is a whole procedure that requires a lot of time and attention.

Where to start?

  • To hold the General Meeting of the company, and if the legal entity has one founder – to make a decision of the founder to amend the charter;
  • The decision of the general meeting shall be recorded in the minutes;
  • Prepare a registration card on amendments to the Charter;
  • Apply to the state registrar with a request to amend the Statute;
  • Pay the administrative fee.

Bringing the statute in line with current legislation requires notarization of the signature of the Company’s members on the statute. This means that you need to spend time not only to bring the wording of the Charter in line, but also to find a notary to certify the signatures of the participants of the LLC on the Charter.

As can be seen from the list above, the procedure for bringing the Statute into compliance may take more than one day, or even a week.

You can use the services of a law firm to reduce the time and bring the charter in line as much as possible. Lawyers will help prepare a complete package of documents to bring the Statute into line.

Advantages of bringing the Charter in line

  • You can specify the term and procedure for payment of dividends;
  • It is possible to provide the mechanism of filling of the authorized capital;
  • Determine the method of notification of the General Meeting;
  • Indicate how and when it is possible to terminate the contract with company officials, such as the director;
  • Provide other necessary information for the activities of the legal entity.

When you apply to a law firm for help in bringing the Charter in line, you will receive:

  • Full consultation with a qualified specialist;
  • Legal analysis of the Statute and other documents;
  • Preparation of a new version of the Statute;
  • Preparation of a complete package of documents for submission to the state registrar;
  • Submission of documents to the state registrar of documents;
  • Carrying out state registration of the Charter in accordance with the legislation.

Of course, you can search for information on the Internet and elsewhere and try to take action to bring the Statute in line, or you can just turn to lawyers who will do all the necessary work quickly and efficiently.

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