MAC certificate about the need for constant care

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MAC certificate about the need for constant care

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In the period of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine and the simultaneous introduction of martial law in the country, the question of providing permanent third-party care for citizens who need it arose urgently.

First of all, this is because individuals can be exempted from military service and receive a deferment from mobilization by providing care for citizens.

However, to implement this in practice, it is usually necessary to obtain a certificate from the Medical Advisory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Medical Advisory Commission), which confirms the need for permanent third-party care for a citizen on a non-professional basis.

And therefore, in this article, we will talk about how to get an MAC certificate in 2024.

What is an MAC certificate?

The certificate of the MAC should be understood as the conclusion of the relevant medical commission (medical specialists), in which the real need of a citizen for the need for constant external care and assistance is established.

That is, this legal document becomes the primary basis for a person to be able to receive social services and assistance from the state.


How can I get a certificate from the MAC about the need for constant care?

This legal document is issued by communal healthcare institutions (medical institutions or hospitals) through a personal request of a citizen who needs third-party care.

It is worth noting that the MAC certificate is not issued to all interested persons, but only to those categories of citizens who, due to existing diseases, have cognitive impairments and disorders of certain functions of their body, or they have a disability, and because of this, they need to receive third-party assistance on a non-professional basis.

Cognitive disorders in this context should be understood as a significant decrease in both short-term and long-term memory, poor perception of things and objects of the material world, language impairment, and a decrease in mental abilities, which collectively indicate a deviation in the normal functioning of the human brain.

Thus, the following categories of citizens can receive an MAC certificate, namely:

  • Citizens who are elderly (over 60 years old) and are not able to take care of themselves in everyday life, and therefore constantly need outside help;
  • Citizens with disabilities since childhood;
  • Citizens with disabilities of the first and second groups;
  • Citizens over 80 years old.

What documents are required to obtain an MAC certificate?

To obtain a certificate from the MAC , it is necessary to confirm the citizen's right to receive the corresponding opinion of the commission with the following documents, namely:

  • MSEC certificate confirming the existing disability group of the citizen;
  • a pension certificate confirming the person's age;
  • medical documents, which contain the currently recorded diagnoses and state of health of the citizen;
  • other documents that can confirm a person's need for permanent external care.

Pay attention! In each case, the list of documents for obtaining an MAC certificate can be significantly expanded.

Independently obtaining a certificate from the MAC about the need for constant care is a rather problematic task to solve in practice.

Therefore, the best option in this situation would be to turn to proven lawyers from the Prikhodko and Partners law firm.

Our team includes experienced specialists who not only have thorough knowledge of various branches of Ukrainian law but also know how to apply them in practice, as they constantly interact with state authorities. This makes it possible to successfully obtain an MAC certificate for the company's clients.

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