List of documents for registration of permanent care

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List of documents for registration of permanent care

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Registration of permanent care in Ukraine is becoming an increasingly popular topic every year, as the number of pensioners and people who need additional assistance is constantly growing.

However, in practice, citizens often do not know what documents need to be submitted in order to register permanent care for a person, which in turn delays the overall process of the duration of such a procedure.

This shows the relevance of the chosen topic for today.

Therefore, in this article, we will define in detail the list of documents that are required for the registration of permanent care for a person who needs it, while analyzing the provisions of the regulatory legal acts of Ukraine.

What is the definition of continuing care?

Continuous care involves a certain form of assistance to persons who have various physical or mental limitations (health problems) that involve the constant presence of a third-party caregiver to provide and provide the necessary appropriate care or support.

According to Ukrainian legislation, only a person who provides social care services to persons who need them on a permanent, but not professional basis and receives monetary compensation from the state for such activities is officially recognized as a caregiver.

What list of documents is necessary to issue permanent personal care?

If you want to arrange permanent personal care, then in order to achieve this goal, you need to first apply to the guardianship and guardianship authorities with the following package of documents, namely:

  • An application in which it is necessary to indicate the fact that you have the desire and ability to provide constant care for a person who needs it. Such a statement can be handwritten in written format or printed using computer means and submitted in paper format;
  • A document certifying your identity (passport of a citizen of Ukraine) and the person for whom permanent care is planned;
  • A copy of the medical or medical certificate of the citizen who will have to provide permanent care (confirms the person's legal capacity and the ability to provide social services);
  • A document regarding the registration of your place of residence or temporary stay;
  • Documents confirming ownership of property or the right to use it;
  • A document from the Medical Commission states that the person who is to be cared for really needs help and support from another person.

Importantly! If a person is aware of the cause-and-effect relationship between her actions and deeds, that is, she is capable of action, but at the same time needs external care due to her health condition, then in such a situation her consent to receiving permanent care is required. Such consent must be issued in written form, not verbally.

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