Фото: List of documents for registration of old-age pension

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List of documents for registration of old-age pension

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The retirement age in Ukraine for both men and women is 60. At the same time, you must have at least 31 years of experience. It is worth noting that issues related to pension law are within the competence of the Prikhodko & Partners law firm. So we know how to help our clients efficiently and effectively. If you want to orient yourself in the features and algorithm of interaction with the Pension Fund during the registration of an old-age pension, we will be happy to answer your questions in the format of a consultation. We also provide legal support services in cases where clients face problems or artificial complications from the PF.


A package of documents for the appointment of a pension

So, in order to issue an old-age pension, you need to submit the following documents to the Pension Fund:

  • a statement regarding the payment of a pension through a post office or through a bank (if you choose the second option, you need a certificate confirming that you have opened a relevant account and provide its details);
  • a 4x6 color photo card (requirements for it are established by current legislation);
  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • certificate of RNOCPP;
  • information about the place of residence;
  • a package of documents to confirm seniority, which is not less than 31 years;
  • a certificate of salary, which the employee received during the accumulation of this seniority.

List of documents for registration of old-age pension

Regarding the certificate mentioned in the last point, it is worth knowing that until July 1, 2000, it will be a certificate of the established model, and then - individual information about the insured person.

Documents that serve as confirmation of a certain special status should be mentioned separately. For example, this applies to military personnel, persons with disabilities, liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. If documents for registration of an old-age pension are submitted by a person living in Crimea, a statement, written in an arbitrary form, regarding the lack of Russian citizenship must be added.

It is also important to mention the legal framework that regulates the issue of document requirements. This is about the "Procedure for confirming the existing work experience for the purpose of pensions in the absence of a work book or relevant entries in it." This document was approved by Government Resolution № 637 of August 12, 1993.

In what form are the documents submitted?

If it is about submitting documents in paper form, they can be submitted in originals or duly certified copies. However, it is worth knowing that the norms of the current legislation provide for a number of documents that must be submitted exclusively in originals. This is the documentation that confirms age, seniority and salary.

Regarding certification of copies, it can be done in two ways:

  • through a notary public;
  • through the management of the enterprise, institution or organization that will submit the documents.


There is another format for submitting documents. You can submit them not only in paper form, but also through the Action Portal. Scanned copies of the documents on which you apply an electronic signature (based on a qualified certificate) are then attached to the application.

If you need high-quality legal support in applying for an old-age pension or solving related problems that prevent you, contact us. The team of the "Prikhodko & Partners" law office will advise and determine the optimal further strategy of action.

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Assistant lawyer

Expert in the field of civilian pensions, recalculation of pensions of law enforcement agencies and military law.

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