Limited fit for military service in wartime

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Limited fit for military service in wartime

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Military service is a very important and necessary component of the country’s defense during a military conflict. However, not all citizens are fully fit for military service for various reasons. Such persons are given the status of “limited suitability”. This means that they can serve and be drafted into the Armed Forces, but with certain restrictions that take into account their personal characteristics and abilities.

Typically, limited fitness is associated with physical or psychological limitations that prevent an individual from performing certain military tasks or functions. Physical limitations may include serious injuries, birth defects, or chronic illnesses that endanger the health and safety of the individual. Psychological limitations may include mental disorders, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder that may adversely affect an individual’s ability to function as required by military service.

Individuals with limited fitness may be assigned to perform non-restraint tasks that do not require full physical or psychological fitness.

For example, they can work in the medical field, headquarters, rear areas, computer technology or administrative positions. However, such persons, as a rule, cannot be sent directly to combat operations or to perform tasks in full military ammunition.


Limited fitness in military time is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On general military duty and military service”. According to this law, persons with limited fitness may be exempted from mobilization or may be sent to alternative (non-military) service instead of full military service. Limited eligibility may be established in cases of such diseases or conditions as congenital anomalies, deviations from the norm of mental development, severe spherical insufficiency, open forms of tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, AIDS, etc.

The legislation also establishes the procedure for a medical examination and determining the degree of suitability. Individuals who wish to declare their limited fitness must undergo a medical examination at a specialized medical institution or commission that has the right to determine the degree of fitness. The decision of the medical commission can be appealed in a court of law or to the Central Committee of the Medical Council.

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Persons with limited fitness, who are already in military service, are given the opportunity by law to change the type of service to one suitable for their state of health. For example, such a person can be transferred to serve in rear units, a guard company, TCC, or administrative work. At the same time, according to the legislation, persons with limited fitness are obliged to continue their service in those cases when their health condition improves and they are able to carry out full military service.


Therefore, limited fitness in wartime is an important concept regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. This status is granted to persons who cannot fully perform military duties due to medical, physical or other reasons. The legislation of Ukraine provides certain rules and procedures that regulate this status, as well as determine the possible duties that can be imposed on persons with limited fitness in the event of a military conflict.

So, if you have reason to believe that you have a limited fitness for military service, you can turn to our military law experts for help. Lawyers will provide you with full consultation on this type of issue and help, if necessary, to issue the status of limited fit for military service.

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