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Prikhodko Andrey

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Lawyer, Doctor of Laws, recognized media expert on legal issues, legal adviser to famous politicians and businessmen.

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Business legal protection is a qualified assistance provided by a lawyer who has experience in legal services and support in various areas of business.
Why choose us? Prykhodko & Partners JSB
specialists   provide a range of legal services that can protect the Client’s business interests on a permanent or one-time basis. Cooperation with us, based on the conclusion of a long-term agreement has the following advantages:


• possession of sufficient information about all the intricacies of the enterprise;
• the ability to obtain legal assistance at any time;
• significant financial savings, due to the absence of the need to maintain a permanent lawyer (legal department) in the staff of the firm;
• trust formed on the basis of repeated joint resolution of cases.

When offering the services of a lawyer and attorney, we mean the following:

• quality professional legal advice on many issues in various fields of law;
• assistance in business registration (collection of documentation for the registration of the enterprise, development of founding agreements, etc.)
• development of internal agreements of the enterprise and current agreements with contractors (including the conclusion of additional agreements);
• personnel records management;
• legal support in the liquidation of the enterprise;
• protection of interests during inspections by regulatory authorities.

How can a legal professional help?

The lawyer organizes competent legal regulation of the enterprise, promotes qualified negotiations, resolves difficult situations from a legal point of view, guided by the law.

A lawyer in Kyiv  provides:
• legal support during the inspection;
• information support (instruction) of the company’s staff on the intricacies of inspections;
• preliminary inspection, preparation, execution, collection of necessary documentation;
• representation and protection of the interests of the enterprise;
• appeal against decisions (actions) of the fiscal service.

A lawyer will help to avoid or minimize the negative consequences of conducting a tax audit.
The services of a lawyer in Kyiv  also include legal assistance in resolving criminal issues of law: departure of a lawyer and representation in law enforcement agencies of employees before the opening of proceedings, representation at the stage of pre-trial investigation, client protection in courts of all instances.
The legislation of Ukraine is constantly changing. Such branches of law as civil, economic, and tax are most often changed.

Our  lawyer in Kyiv  always tries to take into account all the latest changes in the legislation and monitor the practice of its application. The company’s specialists have knowledge and experience not only in various areas of jurisprudence, but also focus on the basics of business, economics, accounting and others. This eliminates the involvement of additional specialists in addressing many issues. Legal services are provided with complete confidentiality. We do not make unjustified promises in advance, but explain to customers the prospects for the development of the case objectively and realistically.

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