Legal assistance to military personnel

"Arma potentius aequum".

Ternova Diana

Lawyer practicing military law and recalculation of military pensions. Specializes in issues of mobilization, namely providing consultations, obtaining postponement of mobilization, issues of passing the military medical commission. Assistance to military personnel, provision of consultations, writing of reports, support for dismissal from military service, appealing the conclusion of the military medical commission, etc.

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Legal assistance to military personnel

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The rights and obligations of military servicemen are regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Military Obligations and Military Service” and other normative legal acts. Military service members have a number of rights, which are guarantees of their social protection. In cases where the rights and interests of the military service have been violated, the military service member may seek legal assistance from the police officer.

Consultation with a military lawyer

Consultations with legal authorities associated with the military service are an important stage in obtaining legal assistance. The consultation allows the military service member to obtain the necessary information about their rights and obligations, as well as about the procedure for their implementation. We simply provide consultations and provide legal support.


Legal support

The Legal Supervisor provides a full range of legal services necessary for the implementation of a specific policy. This may include the following services:

  • Disqualified decision of the MMC in pre-trial and court procedures;
  • Additional assistance in the direction of MMC;
  • Help from the beast with reports;
  • Assistance from the military service in pre-trial and court procedures;
  • Sending attorney requests for information and documents.

Oscar decision MMC

MMC decisions may be disqualified in pre-trial and court proceedings. Oskarzhennya in the pre-trial order is due to the payment of money to a high military-medical mortgage. Oskarzhennya in court order is a way to submit a summons to court.

  • Assistance in focusing on MMC

If a military service member respects that his state of health does not correspond to the minds of having served in the military service, he can go to the military medical commission with complaints about being sent for a medical examination. Lawyers can provide assistance with the application for referral to the MMC, as well as with the application to the relevant authorities.

  • Help from animals with reports

Military service members have the right to submit reports to their commanders. Lawyers can provide assistance with the completed reports, as well as with them to the relevant authorities.

  • Help from the military service

A military service member has the right to be released from the military service from those assigned by law. Lawyers can obtain assistance from the military service in the pre-trial order, by submitting money and lawyer's requests. If necessary, lawyers can obtain assistance from the military service in court.

Lawyer's questions

Lawyer requests can be sent to any authorities, institutions or organizations, including military authorities. Lawyers can provide assistance with complex and targeted legal requests.

Zagalom, legal assistance to military services is an important guarantee of the protection of their rights and interests. A lawyer, having a proven qualification, is well versed in the law, these and other regulations, can provide assistance in a wide range of legal matters related to the military service.


Legal assistance can be especially important for military service members who are faced with such problems as:

  • Problems in health;
  • Disciplinary breakdowns;
  • Waiver of payments when discharged from military service;
  • Receive payment for injured persons;
  • Unlawful actions of commanders or other military officials, etc.

In such situations, proper legal assistance can help the military service to protect their rights and interests, as well as to eliminate negative consequences. To cancel a consultation or get help from a civil law lawyer, fill out the form on our website and our lawyer will call you as soon as possible.

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