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Legal aspects of obtaining a certificate of Medical and Social Expertise

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During the active hostilities in Ukraine, the number of persons with disabilities and those requiring constant care is only increasing.

In this case, obtaining a Medical and Social Expertise certificate becomes a very relevant topic.

In this informative article, we will talk about the features of obtaining it in practice.

What is  Medical and Social Expertise?

Medical and Social Expertise - is a special institution in the health care system of Ukraine, the main task of which is to conduct medical and social examinations of citizens to establish the following circumstances:

  • designation of the appropriate group of disabilities (in total, there are 3 groups in Ukraine, there are also certain subgroups);
  • determination of the percentage of a citizen's incapacity for work - necessary to establish the fact whether a person can continue to perform a labor function while working at an enterprise;
  • determination of a person's existing need for prosthetics to replace a missing body part;
  • establishment of an individual program for a person with a disability for the purpose of his recovery and rehabilitation;
  • establishment of medical indications for granting the citizen the right to use and obtain a special motor vehicle in order to be able to move independently.

Thus, if a person has a disease that significantly affects his general health and reduces his work capacity, as well as is a legal basis for registration of a disability group, then, in this case, it is necessary to obtain a certificate from the  Medical and Social Expertise.

Importantly! A certificate from  Medical and Social Expertise is necessary for the calculation of a one-time cash benefit to a person and the subsequent registration of other social benefits provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.

What is required to receive a certificate from  Medical and Social Expertise?

First of all, it should be noted that the medical and social examination is carried out only after a full medical examination of the citizen is carried out, an appropriate diagnosis of the disease is established, which confirms its persistent nature, as well as the consequences of physical injuries or birth defects that cause limitations human activities.

That is, documents from persons applying for the establishment of the appropriate disability group are accepted by the MSEK in the presence of a chronic and persistent disease in citizens, as well as in the case of continuous temporary incapacity for work during the last 4 months from the date of its onset.

A typical list of documents required for submission to a medical and social examination is:

  • a copy of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine (another identity document may also be provided);
  • a referral to undergo MSEK, which was received from a medical and preventive institution in form No. 088/o;
  • in individual cases, the following can also be submitted:
  1. a copy of the workbook, which must be notarized;
  2. outpatient care of a sick citizen and an extract from his medical history;
  3. an act on an accident at work, a resolution of the VLK;
  4. certificates confirming the person's participation in military operations and the receipt of relevant injuries, contusions, etc.

What is the deadline for making a decision of the  Medical and Social Expertise?

If a citizen personally applies for a medical and social examination and submits a complete package of necessary documents, the commission must make a decision on the establishment of disability within 5 days from the moment of receipt of the MAC referral.

If the application and documents were submitted in a remote format, the  Medical and Social Expertiseconsiders them in absentia and makes a decision within 3 days from the moment of receiving the referral of the MAC.

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