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The interaction of a citizen with state bodies is far from always easy and cloudless. Especially when a person does not know all the nuances of legislation and has no idea how to act in a specific situation, the solution of which depends a lot in his life. This is where qualified lawyers come to the rescue, who are able to help much more effectively.

Appeal to the State Internal Revenue Service

Today, when the war in Ukraine created a wave of migration, the interaction of citizens with the State Migration Service on a wide variety of issues under its competence has become more intense. However, such interaction is far from always effective.

The overload of this state institution sometimes negatively affects its ability to qualitatively cover all those who apply with its work.

Therefore, it is quite logical that a person wants to contact the State Migration Service through his legal representative, who has more powers. For example, a lawyer's request to the migration service has significantly more advantages than ordinary appeals by citizens.

Let's consider this issue in more detail.

What is an attorney request?

A similar request is a lawyer's appeal, submitted to the State Internal Revenue Service in writing for the purpose of providing information and copies of documents that a lawyer needs for quality legal assistance to his client. When a lawyer submits such a request, documents are attached to it, thanks to which the lawyer's appeal acquires serious weight. It is about:

  • a copy of the certificate that the lawyer has the right to engage in his activities;
  • a warrant or commission from a body or institution that has the legal authority to provide legal assistance free of charge.

An important aspect is that the representatives of the State Migration Service have no right to demand from the lawyer other documents besides these. Such a legal norm serves as a kind of guarantee that the request will not be returned several times for unknown reasons.

A list of what exactly we can demand from state authorities and law enforcement structures with a lawyer's request:

  • Demanding of case materials in the matter of appealing the decisions of the migration service in issuing an immigration permit, issuing a temporary residence permit, etc.;
  • Presence or absence of a ban on entry to Ukraine;
  • Presence or absence of a person's decision to leave Ukraine;
  • Request regarding the stages of processing documents: residence permit, citizenship, etc.

What are the deadlines for processing a lawyer's request?

Bodies of state power and local self-government, or specific officials to whom the request is directed, are obliged to provide the lawyer with all the necessary information and copies of documents within 5 days.

There are cases when a lawyer's request concerns the provision of a significant amount of information or requires a lengthy search for the necessary documents. In this case, the response to the request can be provided within 20 working days. However, in this case, there is one important nuance - the representatives of the State Migration Service must justify to the lawyer the reasons for continuing to respond to the request.


Are there any restrictions on requesting a lawyer?

Yes, there are indeed such restrictions, but they are few. Any information and documents except restricted information can be obtained.

There is also a rule that the lawyer must reimburse the costs and copying and printing if the response to his request involves more than 10 pages. But these are minor nuances that do not generally affect the effectiveness of the lawyer's interaction with the State Migration Service.

Therefore, if you want to facilitate your contacts with this service, contacting the Prikhodko&Partners law office will be an excellent solution. Our specialists will help you get all the necessary information and copies of documents quickly and without unnecessary complications.

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Head of migration law practice

Lawyer, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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