Lawyer’s request in criminal proceedings – the price of writing and submitting a lawyer’s request

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Lawyer’s request in criminal proceedings – the price of writing and submitting a lawyer’s request

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To a large extent, the final outcome of any criminal case depends on how effectively the participants in court proceedings will use the available legal tools. Among such tools is a lawyer's request. This is one of the services provided by our specialists - lawyers Prykhodko and Partners.


Peculiarities of requests from lawyers

In any legal process, different groups of participants are represented. Among them are the parties to the criminal proceedings, the judge, the prosecutor and the lawyer. Today, there is a norm when the practice of representing the interests of different parties in court by lawyers is used. In other words, the quality of the lawyer's work largely determines the final outcome of the process.

The basis of building a protection strategy is the availability of information and free access to it. According to the current Ukrainian legislation, every lawyer has the right to receive reliable and official information. It can be obtained by submitting a lawyer's request. Let's consider in more detail what a lawyer's request is.

According to the law of Ukraine, a lawyer's request is regarded as one of the guaranteed ways for a lawyer to obtain information and materials from state authorities. The main purpose of filing a lawyer's request is to provide qualified legal assistance to the client. A very important issue is the correct form of a lawyer's request. This is one of the indicators of the lawyer's professionalism.

Writing and submitting a lawyer's request is one of the activities of Prykhodko and Partners lawyers.

What information can be obtained based on a lawyer's request?

To begin with, we note that a lawyer's request allows you to receive pre-recorded information. That is, it is not about creating any new information.

A lawyer's request is a condition for receiving ready-made information: extracts from documents, copies of documents, etc.

If it is necessary to obtain information that has not yet been created, the lawyer can apply with a complaint, petition, proposal, etc.

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that only lawyers are engaged in submitting legal requests. Such a request can be prepared directly by the lawyer himself or his assistants. The request is made in paper form, in writing, with the personal signature of the lawyer.


The main entities managing information include:

  • Officials and officials
  • Bodies of state power and local self-government
  • Enterprises
  • Institutions
  • Other organizations

Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy and Advocacy" stipulates that a lawyer can address his request to a natural person (the only condition is his consent).

Duly certified documents are attached to the lawyer's request. Their order is determined by documents such as "Requirements for the preparation of documents".

Among the mandatory attributes of attorney requests: the date of certification of the copy, the title of the position, "according to the original" and others.

Professional assistance in drafting a lawyer's request

Thus, the lawyer's request allows the lawyer to obtain information to provide the client with quality legal assistance. At the same time, it is very important to pay due attention to the correct preparation of all necessary documents. Failure to do so may result in a denial of a lawyer's request.

The specialists of Prykhodko and Partners guarantee high-quality and maximally prompt writing and submission of a lawyer's request.

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