Lawyer under Art. 263. Illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives

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Lawyer under Art. 263. Illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives

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In Ukraine, everyone has the right to purchase weapons for sports, hunting or self-defense. However, in order to freely use this or that weapon, it is necessary to obtain the appropriate permission. Criminal liability is provided for illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives. We are talking about Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. If you or your loved ones are accused under this article, the specialists of our Prykhodko and Partners law office will help you build the right line of defense.


Liability under Article 263 of the Criminal Code

Illegal handling of weapons in modern realities are actions aimed at violating the rules established by orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (in particular, order No. 622). Unfortunately, the modern legislative framework does not take into account all the nuances of arms circulation. This directly affects the prosecution of a person.

The danger of this type of crime is as follows: the illegal circulation of weapons, ammunition, explosive devices and substances in Ukraine can cause a significant increase in crimes of medium severity and especially serious crimes.

We will consider the objective and subjective side of the crime in more detail. The object of the crime is public safety, health and life of people. As for the subjective side, this is an intentional form of guilt, i.e., the commission of a crime occurs with a person's full understanding and awareness of the illegality of his own actions.

Firearms are devices and devices that are designed to strike a target at a distance mechanically. Cutting and stabbing elements (daggers, knives, swords, daggers, brass knuckles) belong to the category of cold weapons. As for munitions, these are weapons that are designed to hit a target. In their composition, they contain pyrotechnic, explosive, projectile charges or even their combination.

If we are talking about the illegal use of cold weapons, a person faces criminal liability only for manufacturing/carrying/selling such weapons without a permit established by law.

The most severe punishment under Article 263 of the Criminal Code is imprisonment. The maximum term of imprisonment is up to 7 years. Important: in most cases, a person who voluntarily handed over a weapon to representatives of law enforcement agencies is released from criminal liability.


In addition to the above, this article also provides for the following responsibility:

  • Fines.
  • Public works.
  • Arrest.
  • Stay in a correctional institution.

Assistance of lawyers of our law office under Article 263 of the Criminal Code

Liability under Article 263 of the Criminal Code occurs only in cases where the guilt of the accused has been proven in a court of law. That is why the help of a lawyer is a reliable way to protect your rights both at the stage of pre-trial investigation and in court.

Our lawyers will make sure that all documents are correctly executed. If violations are discovered, Prykhodko and Partners lawyers will be able to challenge them.

For example, if there is no or insufficient video recording, it is impossible to objectively reflect reality. This can be a direct reason for the dismissal of existing charges. We will also definitely analyze the expert's conclusions regarding the presence of false information.

Lawyers Prykhodko and Partners are well versed in Criminal Law and have considerable practical experience in providing highly qualified legal assistance.

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