Lawyer in the case of intentional bodily injury of moderate severity (Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

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Lawyer in the case of intentional bodily injury of moderate severity (Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)

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Ukrainian legislation defines a number of legal norms aimed at protecting citizens from illegal actions, in particular in the field of intentional bodily harm. One of the key articles regulating the issue of bodily injury is Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


What injuries are average in severity?

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, intentional bodily injury of moderate severity is determined by a number of characteristics, which include the importance of violations of the victim's physical or mental health. Such injuries may include bone fractures, injuries to internal organs, as well as other violations that are not life-threatening, but significantly affect the victim's quality of life.

Usually, intentional bodily injury of moderate severity requires a certain level of will and awareness of the consequences of one's actions. This can be, for example, the intentional infliction of bodily harm during skirmishes, conflicts or other events.

What is the punishment under Article 122 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine?

The punishment for this article may vary depending on the various circumstances of the case and other factors. The main aspects that can affect punishment under Article 122 of the Criminal Code include:

  • The court takes into account the severity of the physical injury. The more serious and severe the injury, the greater the punishment can be.
  • The court also assesses the circumstances in which the bodily injury was committed. For example, if the injury was the result of a conflict, self-defense, or other circumstances, this may affect the determination of punishment.
  • If a person has a history of criminal offenses, this may become an aggravating circumstance.
  • If the perpetrator of the case cooperates with law enforcement agencies, this may be taken into account when determining the punishment.
  • The court may also take into account the motives and intentions of the perpetrator. For example, were the actions taken intentionally, or were there other aspects that influenced the situation.


Taking into account all these circumstances, the court decides what kind of punishment will be applied. Note that the minimum and maximum terms of punishment are determined by law, but the court takes into account the specific circumstances of each case when determining a specific term. It is important to note that in the case of sentencing, the court may also take into account the individual circumstances of the case, which are not specified in the law, in order to ensure a fair and reasonable decision.

Contact an experienced attorney

If you have been the victim of, or are suspected of committing, an intentional tort of moderate severity, the most sensible step is to consult an experienced attorney. He, specializing in criminal cases, will ensure effective protection of your rights and interests in the court process.

An experienced lawyer will study all aspects of your case, conduct the necessary research and prepare a reasoned defense strategy. He will also negotiate with the prosecutor and other parties to the case, focusing his efforts on achieving the best possible outcome for you.

In addition, the lawyer will represent you in court, providing a qualified defense and helping you understand all the legal processes. His professional approach can significantly influence the outcome of the case and ensure a fair resolution.

By contacting a lawyer, you have the opportunity to get the necessary legal support that will help you assert your rights and determine the best way to resolve a case of intentional bodily injury of moderate severity.
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