Фото: Lawsuit for reinstatement of a military serviceman

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Lawsuit for reinstatement of a military serviceman

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According to the current legislation, servicemen who are called up for service during mobilization, during wartime, as well as in the event of a declaration of martial law, are guaranteed the preservation of their place of work, position, as well as the average salary for the entire period of service.

What to do if you are fired during mobilization or martial law?

  1. Appeal dismissal in court.
  2. File a claim for reinstatement.
  3. To collect from the employer the average salary for the entire period of forced absenteeism.

Steps a military member should take to resume work

  1. Consult a lawyer for advice. It is important to get qualified legal help to understand your rights and your chances of success in court. A lawyer will help you draw up a statement of claim, collect the necessary documents and represent your interests in court.
  2. To file a claim, you will need the following documents:
  • An order for your dismissal.
  • A document confirming your draft for military service or mobilization.
  • Certificate of average salary.
  • Other documents that may be relevant to the case.
  1. File a lawsuit. A claim for reinstatement and recovery of wages can be submitted to the district or city court at your place of residence or at the employer's location.
  2. Participate in court hearings. During court hearings, you will need to provide the court with all necessary documents and testify. Your lawyer will help you prepare for court and protect your interests.

It is important to know that:

  • The deadline for applying to the court for reinstatement is one month from the moment of illegal dismissal.
  • If you missed this period, you can renew it if you prove that good reasons prevented you from applying to the court in a timely manner.
  • The court can satisfy your claim and reinstate you at work, as well as oblige the employer to pay you the average wage for the entire period of forced absenteeism.

By seeking the help of a lawyer, you increase your chances of successfully challenging your wrongful dismissal and being reinstated.

Consult a specialist

Why should you contact Prykhodko and Partners lawyers if you were fired from your job during military service?

Dismissal during martial law is illegal.

If you are faced with such a situation, you are advised to contact the lawyers of "Prykhodko and Partners". Here are some reasons why:

  1. Experience and knowledge. Our company's lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with illegal dismissal cases, including during mobilization and martial law. They know all the intricacies of legislation and court practice in this area, which gives them the opportunity to develop the most effective defense strategy for you.
  2. High level of success. "Prykhodko and Partners" has one of the highest levels of success in reinstatement and wage recovery cases. They have successfully helped many people who have lost their jobs illegally due to mobilization or martial law to re-enter their jobs and receive adequate compensation.
  3. A comprehensive approach. Lawyers from "Prykhodko and Partners" offer comprehensive legal assistance, which includes:
  • Consultations on issues of labor law;
  • Drawing up a claim statement and other necessary documents;
  • Representation of your interests in court;
  • Appealing court decisions if necessary.
  1. Individual approach. Lawyers approach each case individually. They carefully study all the circumstances of the case and develop a defense strategy that best suits your interests.

By contacting our legal experts, you can be sure that your rights will be protected.

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