Кейс: сопровождение заключения брачного договора между супругами

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Кейс: сопровождение заключения брачного договора между супругами

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Clients: couple O. and M.
Region: Kyiv
Goal: signing a marriage contract
Lawyer: Ryabchuk Oksana Pavlivna

Clients turned to our legal company for consultation and support, the main request was the legal consolidation and protection of the property rights of each of the spouses, the possibility of agreeing on all the details, and signing the relevant document.

Кейс: сопровождение заключения брачного договора между супругами - young attractive business colleagues standing with envelope letter while happily looking each other modern office

The most important questions that interested clients:

  • what are the options for securing rights to common property;
  • is it possible to establish that the property acquired in marriage is the personal property of one of the spouses;
  • it is necessary to divide the property in court;
  • Is it possible to settle all the nuances in a contractual manner?

A detailed legal consultation was held with the clients and the key points to be paid attention to were discussed:

The right to conclude a marriage contract is provided for by the Family Code of Ukraine, according to the provisions of which this contract regulates property relations between spouses, defines their property rights and obligations and can determine the property rights and obligations of spouses as parents.

A marriage contract is not only a legal document, but also one of the tools for ensuring stability and harmony in a marriage, as it opens the possibility to clearly define the terms of property relations and avoid conflicts in the future.

Кейс: сопровождение заключения брачного договора между супругами - contract

First of all, it is important to have an open dialogue about the need for a marriage contract. Discussing all the nuances will help to create a common vision, which is the key to the successful conclusion of the contract.

Next, you should consider all possible aspects and choose the important ones for yourself: financial issues, division of property, raising children, determining the rights and obligations of each spouse, as well as the conditions under which the contract can be changed.

The draft marriage contract was developed and agreed upon, in which all the desired conditions of the parties were fixed.

The next, mandatory stage was the preparation for signing and notarization, as this ensures the legal validity and reliability of the marriage contract.

Our lawyers took care of engaging a notary public, which helped to provide clients with qualified assistance in concluding a contract in the shortest possible time.

Having previously agreed on the date and time, the clients signed the marriage contract in the presence of a lawyer and a notary.

Remember: it is important to periodically review the contract and make changes in accordance with new conditions and needs.

Thus, before drawing up and signing the marriage contract, it is necessary to prepare in order to properly cover all aspects and wishes of the husband and wife.

Consultation with a specialist is an important step in this matter – our lawyers will certainly provide the necessary advice and full support, taking into account the legal norms and the individual characteristics of the spouses.

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