Issuance of a foreign passport of Ukraine through the consulate

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Issuance of a foreign passport of Ukraine through the consulate

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A foreign passport is a document that identifies an individual and allows you to legally stay in the territory of another country. But each foreign passport has its own validity period (10 years). After this period, the passport becomes invalid and must be replaced. Or, for example, a person got married and changed his last name, in which case the passport will also have to be replaced.

If in Ukraine it can be done in the subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or in the Central Administrative Office, then abroad you need to issue a passport at the consulate. Issuing a foreign passport of Ukraine through the consulate can be a complicated process.


What is regulated?

Issuance of foreign passports is regulated by Resolution № 152 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

From November 15, 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine updated the procedure for registration at the consulate of Ukraine. Namely, you can sign up only through the electronic queue.

Exchange of foreign passport through the consulate

You can exchange your foreign passport through the consulate of Ukraine in your country of residence. You can have no more than 2 valid foreign passports at the same time.

Appointment at the consulate

An appointment to submit documents to the consulate can be made only if:

  • Diia of signature/ECD
  • BankID

At this stage, problems may arise for people who have been abroad for a long time and do not have a Diia signature/ECD or BankID.

Therefore, registering with the consulate can become the first problem when it is necessary to change a foreign passport. Since the consulate does not receive citizens without a prior appointment.

Necessary documents:

  • Internal passport
  • TIN

If you already have 2 valid international passports, you will need to hand in an expiring or expired passport, or write a declaration of loss and invalidation of the passport if you have lost it.

Terms of registration

The terms of issuing a passport through the consulate can be 5-7 months. This is due to the long term of processing the application at the consulate and its subsequent transfer to the relevant unit of the migration service in Ukraine, from which the application for personalization is already sent and upon readiness for sending the passport abroad.

How can a lawyer help?

Consultation regarding the possibility of exchanging or issuing a foreign passport, if a person already has two valid passports, or has lost a foreign passport and does not know where to turn. A lawyer can provide advice on the procedure for registering with the consulate and what applications will need to be filled out. Consultation on the necessary list of documents, terms of registration and the procedure of personalization by the Migration Service of Ukraine.

What will you get after applying for a consultation regarding the issuance of a foreign passport through the consulate of Ukraine?

  • Complete understanding of the procedure for issuing a passport from the moment of registration at the consulate to the moment of delivery of the finished passport from Ukraine.
  • Reducing the risk of errors in submitting applications or preparing documents.


Protection of your rights:

  • A lawyer can protect your rights if any problems arise.
  • A lawyer knows all the intricacies of the procedure for issuing a foreign passport and can help you avoid mistakes when recording or in the application process.

Cost of lawyer's services:

  • The cost of a lawyer's services may vary.
  • With the help of a lawyer, you will have complete information about the process of registration and production of a foreign passport through the consulate, which will significantly save your time.

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