Фото: Is it necessary to switch to EDO and how to do it?

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Is it necessary to switch to EDO and how to do it?

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Electronic document management (EDO) is a set of processes related to the creation, processing, storage and transmission of electronic documents. It replaces traditional paper document circulation, making work with documents more economical, fast and environmentally friendly.

Today, the use of electronic document management is not mandatory for all enterprises, but its use is recommended to ensure the efficiency and convenience of document processing.

Advantages of switching to EDO

Electronic document management has a number of advantages that make it an attractive option for businesses and organizations. Here are some key points:

  1. Saving money and time. With EDO, you can say goodbye to the costs of paper, printing, mailing and renting premises for document storage. Also, the processing time of documents is significantly reduced, because they do not need to be physically transported or handed over.
  2. Productivity improvement. Thanks to the automation of many EDO processes, employees can quickly find the necessary documents and perform their tasks.
  3. Reducing errors. Electronic document management minimizes the risk of errors that may occur during manual processing of paper documents.
  4. Improved collaboration. EDO allows you to easily exchange documents with colleagues, partners and clients, regardless of their location.
  5. Increased security. Electronic documents can be more secure than paper ones. For this, encryption methods and electronic digital signatures are used.

In general, EDO helps to optimize document flow, make it faster, safer and more environmentally friendly.

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Types of EDO

  1. Internal: used to exchange electronic documents within the same company.
  2. External: used to exchange electronic documents with counterparties, state authorities and other external participants.

How to switch to EDO

There are several ways to switch to EDO:

  1. Choose an EDO operator. There are many EDO operators on the Ukrainian market that offer different tariffs and service packages.
  2. Get an electronic digital signature. An electronic digital signature can be obtained from an accredited key certification center.
  3. Sign the contract with the EDO operator. The contract can be signed in electronic form using an electronic digital signature.
  4. Connect the software. The EDO operator will provide you with software for working with electronic documents.
  5. Establish the exchange of electronic documents with your counterparties. They must also switch to EDO in order for you to exchange electronic documents with them.

Switching to EDO may seem like a daunting task, but it's worth it. Electronic document management will help you save time and money, increase the security and convenience of document management, and make your business more environmentally friendly.

The law firm "Prykhodko and Company" is ready to help you with the transition to EDO. We provide consultations on all issues related to this, as well as help with the selection of an electronic document management operator, obtaining an electronic digital signature and configuring the software.

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