Interpol International Search – a database of persons who have committed a criminal offense

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Interpol International Search – a database of persons who have committed a criminal offense

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Interpol, as an international organization uniting law enforcement agencies from around the world, plays a key role in ensuring security and fighting crime at the international level. One of the most effective tools used by Interpol is the system of international search for persons who have committed criminal offenses.


The main goal of the international investigation of Interpol

Interpol’s international investigation is an important tool in ensuring global security and justice. This mechanism, which unites law enforcement agencies from different parts of the world, has as its main purpose the identification, search and detention of persons who have committed serious criminal offenses and evaded responsibility within the framework of one country.

  • Combating cross-border crime. One of the key goals of international investigation is strategic partnership between countries in the fight against cross-border crime. Criminals who cross borders to evade responsibility become the object of attention and search by Interpol. This avoids gaps in legislation and ensures harmonization of efforts in the investigation of criminal cases.
  • Interception of the most dangerous criminals. Interpol’s international search focuses on the identification and apprehension of individuals who have committed the most serious crimes, such as terrorism, organized crime and corruption. By providing a common database, the organization helps establish links between different types of crime and prevents evasion of responsibility.
  • Protection of citizens and global security. The main task of Interpol is to protect citizens from criminals operating outside their countries. International tracking helps prevent possible threats and neutralize them to ensure the safety of citizens in different parts of the world.
  • Effective cooperation of law enforcement agencies. The international search system encourages effective cooperation between law enforcement agencies from different countries. The sharing of information and coordination of efforts make the search a more successful and simplified process.

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Database of persons who have committed a criminal offense

Interpol maintains a large and constantly updated database that includes information on wanted persons. This database is an effective tool for identifying and locating criminals, providing law enforcement agencies with complete and up-to-date information on their possible whereabouts.


How the international search system works

Interpol member countries can make requests to search for individuals, providing details about their criminal activities and crimes. Interpol immediately begins the process of checking and adding information to the database. When a person is wanted, this information becomes available to all member states, which greatly facilitates their cooperation and the possibility of apprehending criminals.

Interpol International Search - a database of persons who have committed a criminal offense - urb 9479

Advantages of the Interpol international search system

  • Global coverage. The system covers all corners of the world, ensuring effective cooperation between countries in the fight against crime.
  • Quick reaction. The information in the database is updated in real time, which allows you to quickly respond to criminals and their actions.
  • Increasing search efficiency. Combining the resources and expertise of different countries makes it possible to more successfully identify and detain wanted persons.


Interpol’s international investigation is an integral part of the global crime prevention strategy. With the help of this system, law enforcement agencies get a powerful tool to identify and apprehend criminals, ensuring security and justice at the international level.

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