Фото: Industrial injury at the enterprise – payments, algorithm of actions

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Industrial injury at the enterprise – payments, algorithm of actions

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An occupational injury is an injury sustained by an employee while performing work duties at the workplace or while performing work-related tasks.

What benefits are due to an employee in the event of an industrial injury?

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According to Ukrainian legislation, an employee who received an industrial injury is entitled to the following payments:

  1. Sick leave: for the entire period of incapacity for work, the employee is paid a benefit in the amount of 100% of his average earnings.
  2. Assistance for temporary incapacity for work. The amount of assistance depends on the disability group established by the MSEK.
  3. One-time benefit: paid in case of permanent disability or death of the victim. The amount of assistance is determined depending on the degree of disability.
  4. Treatment and rehabilitation expenses: the employer is obliged to pay all treatment and rehabilitation expenses of an employee who has suffered an occupational injury.
  5. Compensation for non-pecuniary damage: an employee has the right to compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused to him as a result of an industrial injury.

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Receiving compensation for an injury at work

Obtaining compensation for an industrial injury can be a complex process that requires knowledge of the law, the ability to collect and prepare documents, as well as the skills of negotiating and representing your interests before government agencies. An experienced lawyer can make this process much easier and increase your chances of success.

How can an experienced lawyer from "Prykhodko and Partners" help you receive compensation for an industrial injury?

  1. Consultation and clarification of your rights. The lawyer will explain in detail your rights and responsibilities as a victim of an industrial injury, as well as explain the procedure for receiving compensation.
  2. Collection and processing of documents. An experienced lawyer will help you collect all the necessary documents, including medical certificates, a certificate of an accident at work, a certificate of average wages, receipts for medical and rehabilitation expenses, etc.
  3. Calculation of the amount of compensation. A lawyer will help you correctly calculate the amount of compensation you are entitled to, taking into account the severity of the injury, disability, medical expenses and other factors.
  4. Making an application and presenting your interests. The lawyer will prepare a claim for compensation and represent your interests in the Social Insurance Fund, as well as in court, if necessary.
  5. Negotiations with the employer. A lawyer can negotiate with your employer on the amount and terms of compensation, protecting your interests.
  6. Appealing decisions. The specialist will help you appeal any decision of the Social Insurance Fund or the court, if you consider them to be unlawful.

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In addition to the above, an experienced lawyer from "Prykhodko and Partners" will help:

  • To ensure that your rights and legitimate interests are respected at all stages of the compensation process.
  • Protect you from wrongdoing by your employer or the Social Security Fund.
  • Gather evidence to support your injury and its work-relatedness.
  • Involve necessary experts in the case, for example, medical experts.

Contacting an experienced lawyer can greatly simplify the process of obtaining compensation for a work injury, increase your chances of success and save you nerves and time.

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Lawyer, specializing in real estate, corporate, financial, tax, civil and contract law, as well as litigation.

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