Individual-entrepreneur for an online store

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Individual-entrepreneur for an online store

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Online shopping has long become a part of every Ukrainian's life. And for sellers, this is an opportunity to develop their own business without leaving home. But like any entrepreneurial activity, an online store must also have a legal basis for its work. For this purpose, most sellers register with the FOP for the possibility of official operation of the online store.

Where to start?

  • First of all, you need to decide on KVED. For the online store, 47.91 will be relevant and basic. Additional KVEDs can be chosen based on the main one.
  • Next, select a tax group. The best is group 2, because all tax obligations are fixed and do not depend on the turnover of the online store and income. Other groups of taxation have a maximum amount of annual turnover, which may not be entirely convenient when running an online store.
  • Contact the state registrar to register a sole proprietorship or register yourself through the Diya service. This can be done independently or with the help of specialists.

These are the basic steps listed in order to be able to work legally. But it is clear that this is only the beginning because to work on the Internet you need a site where sales will be made. Also, if there will be settlement operations on the website or after receiving it in the mail, then you need a PRO.

Offer contract

Another part of the online store's work, without which it cannot fully function. This is a public offer contract. That is, it is a special contract addressed to an unlimited number of persons. Usually, it should be placed on the main page of the online store.

Without this agreement, it will not be possible to receive online payments.

It is important that the contract is drawn up correctly and reflects the essence of the online store's activities. That is, the development of the contract should be handled by lawyers so that there were no further misunderstandings between the customers of the store and the individual entrepreneur.

Payment system

In order for buyers to be able to pay for purchases directly on the site, a connected payment system cannot be dispensed with. Therefore, attention should also be paid to this issue, because the choice of payment system will depend on how quickly the funds will be transferred to the accounts.

Inventory accounting

Depending on the type of activity and the taxation system, it may be necessary to keep inventory records. For example, in the simplified system of taxation, you can not do this. But you need to understand each situation individually, so you cannot do without the help of an accountant.

So, if you decide to develop your activity on the Internet, you must first go through all the legal procedures in order not to have any problems in the near future.

The best way would be to contact specialists who understand all the legal and accounting intricacies of this type of activity. After all, professional legal assistance is the key to a successful business, including on the Internet.

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Leading specialist in practical experience in the field of economics and accounting

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