Фото: Indefinite permanent residence permit

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Indefinite permanent residence permit

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Permanent residence permit is a document that entitles a foreigner or an OBG to reside on the territory of Ukraine without a limited period of stay, i.e. indefinitely. Otherwise, a foreigner or stateless person has the right to stay on the territory of our state only 90 days per six months.

Due to the presence of an indefinite residence permit, a foreigner or an OBG is granted extended rights, almost equal to those of Ukrainian citizens. For example, they can work in a company without a special work permit; stay in Ukraine without leave for an unlimited amount of time, or vice versa, to visit our country many times a year without additional opening a visa for entry; freely use the services of the bank, open accounts; the right to be a tax resident; the right to obtain in the future citizenship of Ukraine and the like.


Фото: Indefinite permanent residence permit

How to get an indefinite residence permit?

A foreigner or stateless person, who wishes to immigrate to Ukraine and has a legal basis for this, can obtain a document that gives the right to reside indefinitely on the territory of our state.

The most common grounds for obtaining such a residence permit are:

  • investment in the economy of Ukraine in the amount of not less than 100 thousand US dollars;
  • officially registered marriage with a Ukrainian/Ukrainian woman;
  • presence of Ukrainian citizenship in the child;
  • grandchildren, grandparents, sisters/brothers of Ukrainian citizens;
  • persons who were once citizens of Ukraine;
  • wife/husband/children of a foreigner or an stateless personwho already has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, etc.

First of all, in order to obtain an indefinite permit, it is necessary to obtain an immigration authorization. At this stage, checks are carried out on the legality of the grounds for obtaining the document, as well as by all controlling authorities (security service, police, border guard, etc.). Documents can only be submitted in person. The period of consideration of the application should not exceed six months.

After receiving a positive response on granting immigration authorization, the foreigner, if necessary, must open a visa type D, which is called "visa D-01 - immigration", and then is entitled to apply for a permanent permit. The processing time of the document should not exceed 15 working days.

Фото: Indefinite permanent residence permit

Фото: Indefinite permanent residence permit

Validity period of the document

Until 2018, on the territory of Ukraine, residence permits for foreigners were issued in the form of a book. They do not have an expiration date, that is, the final term is not indicated on the certificate itself, the only condition was the exchange at 25 and 45 years. This format of the document remains valid to the present time.

After June 2018, a new sample of the document - in the form of a plastic ID card - was established by a decree of the Cabinet of Ministers. Since that time, a permanent permit is issued for 10 years with the right to exchange for a new form three weeks before the expiration of the document. To exchange it is necessary to provide a valid passport with a translation, a certificate of registration of residence in Ukraine and the like. It is NOT necessary to obtain an immigration permit again!


It is also worth noting that the replacement of the permit must be done in the case of:

  • a change in the personal data of the foreigner or stateless person (surname or first name);
  • if the transliteration in English of your first or last name has changed;
  • if the permit is unusable or there was a mistake in printing the document.

Important: If you have an invalid passport document, you must renew it before you start the procedure of obtaining an indefinite permit. You can do this at the embassies/consulates of your country of citizenship, or directly in your country of origin.

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