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 Due to the increase in the number of cases of #COVID-19, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine at the end of August extended quarantine on the territory of Ukraine until October 31, 2020 under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №641. All restrictions apply to the activities of state bodies, the specifics of the work of recreation areas, clubs and catering establishments.

 For foreign citizens, the extension of quarantine on the territory of Ukraine and its tightening will also not be reflected from the best side. According to this decree, foreign citizens are prohibited from entering the territory of Ukraine from 28 August. But, for all the complexity of the situation, the following have the right to enter:

  • foreign citizens who have a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine or the right to a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • foreigners who are the husband / wife of a citizen of Ukraine who live on the territory of Ukraine;
  • parents of Ukrainian children or children of Ukrainian citizens;
  • foreign citizens who travel to Ukraine for educational purposes;
  • passing through the territory of Ukraine;
  • foreigners who are refugees or persons in need of complementary protection;
  • foreigners who officially work on the territory of Ukraine;
  • foreigners who travel to Ukraine as part of international missions;
  • for therapeutic purposes;
  • foreign citizens who are members of an international delegation;
  • foreigners-diplomatic representatives;
  • others.

 When crossing the border, a lot of requirements have been established, including the mandatory presentation of a medical insurance policy during the observation period or in case of illness for the period of the planned stay of a foreign citizen in Ukraine. There are also requirements for such insurance: they must be issued by a company that is registered in Ukraine or a foreign company with a representative office in Ukraine. Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, military personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices in Ukraine have the right not to present medical insurance.

 As a result of the adoption of Law №530-IX of 03/17/2020 to all foreign citizens who, due to the introduction of quarantine on the territory of Ukraine, could not leave Ukraine in time or carry out the exchange procedure, or extend the residence permit on the territory of Ukraine at the next exit. no administrative penalty in the form of penalties will be applied. But this applies only to those foreign citizens who had the corresponding consequences after the official announcement of quarantine in Ukraine and they were physically in Ukraine. Accordingly, those foreigners whose period of stay in Ukraine ended during the quarantine period (from March 12, 2020) will have 30 calendar days to carry out their legalization procedure in Ukraine after the official lifting of quarantine.

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