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 The issue of migration affects most Ukrainians in one way or another. Some people move to another country for permanent residence, while others want to work, study and live in Ukraine. And all these people are united by one common question: How to get migration services quickly and efficiently?

 If citizens wishing to work in another country must use the legislation of the country they are traveling to legalize their residence and stay, then for foreigners wishing to work and stay in Ukraine the necessary immigration permit is issued in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

⟪ Immigration permit ⟫ –is a decision that gives a person the right to stay in Ukraine legally.

 The permit is issued within the quota. That is, this is the number of citizens who can be granted a permit to legally stay or reside in Ukraine for one year. The quota is set by the Government. The quota is granted according to the categories of immigrants, but there may be cases when the immigration permit is issued outside the quota.

≡ Permission outside the quota may be granted:

  • Husband and wife, if the other spouse has Ukrainian citizenship and they have been married for more than two years;
  • Citizens who are under the care of citizens of Ukraine or are under the care of Ukrainian citizens;
  • Citizens who have the right to stay in Ukraine by territorial origin;
  • Citizens whose immigration permit is of state interest to Ukraine;
  • Foreign citizens of Ukraine and their children in case of their entry into the territory of Ukraine.

How can I get an immigration permit?

  • Collect a package of documents;
  • Apply to the consulate or diplomatic mission of Ukraine abroad at the place of residence or stay;
  • If the person is in Ukraine, apply to the LCA unit at the place of residence;
  • Submit an application and a package of collected documents to the LCA unit or diplomatic or consular post;
  • Obtain permission from the department at the place of submission of documents.

What documents are required?

  • Photo cards – 3 pieces;
  • Passport;
  • A document indicating the place where the person resides;
  • Information on family composition;
  • Certificate that the applicant does not have alcoholism, drug addiction and other diseases;
  • If a person lives outside Ukraine, a certificate of no criminal record must also be submitted.

 The term for consideration of the application may not exceed one year from the date of submission of documents.

 The permit is valid for one year from the date of its issuance.

Grounds for refusing to issue an immigration permit:

  • False information provided by the person in the application;
  • The person has alcoholism, drug addiction or other illnesses;
  • The person is forbidden to enter Ukraine;
  • The person has a criminal record that has not been removed or expunged;
  • The person committed a crime that falls under the law of Ukraine under the category of serious crimes and the investigation is not yet complete.

 Refusal to issue an immigration permit can be appealed in court according to the rules of administrative procedure.

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