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Petryk Tetiana

Head of migration law practice, master of law, expert in the field of migration law.

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 One of the main tasks of the Migration Service of Ukraine is to ensure migration processes, ie the implementation of policies aimed at migration (emigration and immigration processes). Also, on a permanent basis, the State Migration Service implements a number of measures aimed at combating illegal migration and documenting foreign nationals in Ukraine.

 The work of specialists in this field involves not just the actual verification of documents submitted by a foreigner, but includes a number of reconciliations with available information in various databases, information resource agencies and registers, as well as the implementation of critical requests to many structures, including including law enforcement agencies,

 The National Central Bureau of Interpol, the embassies of the countries of citizenship of foreigners – applicants-participants …

 According to statistics, in 2020 the most “hot” ways of illegal legalization of a foreigner in Ukraine were:

  • acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship, by reproducing unrealistic documents, facts, etc., which entails a number of criminal articles and long sentences for such activities;
  • identified several large schemes for the legalization of foreign nationals of countries with no visa entry into Ukraine, as well as for citizens of aggressor countries, such as Russia, as well as “migration risk countries”, in order to further transfer to EU countries;
  • production of forged foreign citizens’ birth certificates, which confirmed the fact of “pseudo-birth” of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine, after that the documents were transferred to the CPAS (center for provision of administrative services), where Ukrainian passports were later issued …

 Every time a foreigner has a desire to come to Ukraine and “settle” here, he tends to simpler and faster options for legalization in Ukraine. We cannot rule out the existence of unscrupulous experts who “help” Narov to help a foreign citizen solve all the issues that interest him. For example, to make documents without grounds, to issue a passport of Ukraine for 3 months, to get a work permit in Ukraine without a registered company – the employer and other options … “Sellers” of such services a lot. They do what they look like in a crowd of gullible and a little frivolous foreign citizen and “catch him on a hook”, attracting easy access.

 For the profile lawyers of the law firm “Prikhodko and Partners”, the most important have always been and are – honesty and decency in their work. They will be able to legalize a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine, on legal grounds, using only the law, rules and procedures.

 If you are a foreign citizen and you want to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, contact the migration lawyers of Prikhodko Law Firm and Partners. Specialists will study your documents, your CV, provide options for legal registration of documents in Ukraine and reject all your stereotypes – will help you quickly and without much physical expense to get the desired result within the legal framework.

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