If the father is disabled, 2 groups can mobilize the son?

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If the father is disabled, 2 groups can mobilize the son?

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Once again, martial law was continued in Ukraine, and with it the process of mobilization.

The topic of receiving a deferment from mobilization does not lose its relevance, due to the fact that not a small percentage of people have the right to receive a deferment, but do not know how to properly implement this right. Ukrainian legislation contains an exhaustive list of grounds for conscripts who are not subject to conscription for military service during mobilization, and this list is contained in Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine "On Mobilization Training and Mobilization".

And so, one of the following questions, which are often asked for consultation, is the question of mobilizing the son, if the father is a disabled person of the 2nd group.

So, if the father is a group 2 disabled person, can the son be mobilized?

- Yes, they can. However, if there are no other able-bodied persons in the family who are obliged by law to support them, then the son will be able to receive a deferment.

In general, this topic is quite debatable and remains quite relevant.


The mere fact of a father's disability does not automatically exempt all his sons from mobilization. In order to get a postponement on this basis, you need to prepare a large package of documents, so to speak, an evidence base, regarding the existence of such a right in you.

Also, you can pay attention to the fact that not every disabled person needs financial assistance in the form of maintenance. Therefore, any attempts by the TCC and SP to question the fact of the absence of other persons who have the duty to maintain a person with a disability are unfounded due to the absence of a need for maintenance.

It so happened that a subpoena was issued, and you have the right to a postponement?

The most common problem is when individuals do not take care of exercising the right to postponement in advance and do not know what to do when standing in the TCC and JV. In fact, the right exists, but implementing it in practice is much more difficult. Therefore, if you have received a summons and have the right to a postponement, prepare an application and a relevant package of documents and go with them to the TCC and JV.

The best option would be to contact a lawyer, because just reading information on the Internet can get you even more confused. When requesting a consultation, a lawyer analyzes your situation, which is the most important component of starting cooperation, provides a list of documents that need to be collected, discusses with you where and how to obtain them and where to apply, what to pay attention to, how to prepare for a trip to the TCC and JV, and how to protect yourself from illegal mobilization. A lawyer with extensive experience in this field knows best how everything works in practice.


How can I get a consultation?

The best option would be to go to the office and talk to a lawyer, giving him all the documents for review.

However, since some situations require a quick solution or a person is physically unable to come to the court, a consultation can be ordered online without spending a lot of time on the road. Since the quality of consultation does not change in any way from the way it is conducted.

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